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yes, & also : … Pseudoelasticity
& Shape-memory alloy
material science is still expanding 👍

from Wikipedia :
In 2011 a group of scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology assessed thorium-based power as “a 1000+ year solution or a quality low-carbon bridge to truly sustainable energy sources solving a huge portion of mankind’s negative environmental impact.”

will these 150 be thorium based ?
( 2nd ref., yours is paywalled )

possible answer :

( source )
(…) the international Nuclear Energy Agency predicts that the thorium cycle will never be commercially viable while uranium is available in abundance—a situation which may persist “in the coming decades”.

( published 2019-04-04 )

in theory at least it's okay :

CPA produces high-intensity, super-short optical pulses that pack a tremendous amount of power (…)
This capability is what Mourou hopes give CPA a chance of neutralizing nuclear waste, (…)

Yet, it is not efficient :

Rodney C. Ewing of Stanford tells Bloomberg, “I can imagine that the physics might work, but the transmutation of high-level nuclear waste requires a number of challenging steps, such as the separation of individual radionuclides, the fabrication of targets on a large scale, and finally, their irradiation and disposal.”

2 weeks ago Ukraine was switching to “Signal”

main lemmy..ml post :

“Traffic to Signal exceeded Telegram in Ukraine for the first time”, reports (…hum…) product here

.1) Thanks for this more ​thorough view of the question
.2) it works fine on new install of Ubuntu. sudo thunar is also ok in there.

yes, we all (tend to) accumulate bad feelings : the heart of the problem.

hum … guys ? upvote him here or let it be, but please don’t downvote … maybe read it twice !?

eli5 of #DuckDuckGone :
users would ditch DDG for this stance

so, not this :

“Gone” is russian disinformation on DDG

tldr :
(…) a war involving less than 1% of the world’s nuclear arsenal could shatter the planet’s food supplies.


(…) first (of 2) scenario — more than the cooling during the last ice age (…)

Had Dostoevsky’s “Eternal …” at school : meh…
Opt-in bot per community sounds good.

@hanabatake’s comment here could be an exception to this rule of unhelpfulness(?)

…or start a file manager as root ?
sudo nautilus or something ?

i can't find any... yet, we may never know [V.0.11](https://lemmy.ml/post/61856) ...& [OSRSB](https://lemmy.ml/post/173946) & [GPT-3](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GPT-3)

is lemmy.ml approving war on Ukraine ?
Should it be shut down a few months if it is ?

[source](https://euromaidanpress.com/2016/04/04/only-beneficiary-of-karabakh-fighting-is-putin-piontkovsky-says/) 2016-04-04 Putin-sshka : nothing to do with that !

Garbage you want to block
::: spoiler spoofing accounts @lemmy4@lemmy.ca lemmy.ml/u/lemmy3@lemmy.ca :::

Accounts producing garbage you want to block
from : [collapse.cat](collapse.cat), lemmy.ca ::: spoiler Accounts to block : ( for porn, nazi & slurs ) @fckyoufgs@collapse.cat @gybear@collapse.cat update, also : @fckufgs@lemmy.ca @gybear@lemmy.ca :::

Tonga volcano: Plume reached 55km (Pinatubo was ~40km in 1991)
J. Amos, Sci. correspondent, [BBC](https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-60088413) ~.2022-jan-21..aprox16h00.utc~ "...data from three weather satellites ... was used..." see also : [2022-01-15 volcano](https://lemmy.ml/post/153293)

James Webb's telescope : what do you expect ?
History repeats itself right ? Before Hubble's telescope, scientists were saying : "it will show the hedge of the universe, where there is no Galaxies yet formed". Remind me in 6 months.

Best email client for me and you ?
Context : have used Thunderbird for years : when it crashes it makes a mess. Have lost many emails this way, so i want a client for which each email is saved as a single file. My search points to "[Zimba](https://linux.uk/linux-and-zimbra/)"

"Toy cosmos"s for anyone ?
Pedagogy, or even physics, may benefit from "toy cosmos"s. Mine start with a three sphere (s3). Then i try some (naive) Physics : **hyp.1** : if it shrinks, i see the photon i put inside gaining enormous amounts of energy. (blue shifted at each round trips) Decrease of spacetime with creation of (boson) energy becomes part of the playground. **hyp.2** : since "Schwarzschild radius" (for on b.h. of M~0~) inside our (big unfriendly) universe has been found to be : r~(s)0~ = 2GM~0~ / c² So, in flat space, say i put 1000 (mini) black holes, each one of mass : M~1~ = M~0~ / 1000 Their total (Schwarzschild) volume (for 1000 x M~1~ black holes) is about : ( 1000 x 3/4pi x r~1~³ ) Then, they all fit comfy inside (v~0~) : ( 1 x 3/4pi x r~0~³ ) which is the (Schwarzschild) volume of their collective masse. (volume ratio is 1000³) So, what i say is that one can bend spacetime using many well spaced black holes that collectively have one larger (rs~0~) Schwarzschild radius. And now, flat space is bent to s3 with room to play inside. Cosmic radius to cosmic energy relations can be tried here. Would black holes, in this, lose their energy to other objects ? (should this be posted in AskLemmy ?)

Link please ? USA:Election officials replaced by Trump's pupets: discussed on NPR (2 or 3 days ago ?)
i lost the link to this NPR discussion about : [TRUMP’S NEXT COUP HAS ALREADY BEGUN](https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2022/01/january-6-insurrection-trump-coup-2024-election/620843/) published in the Atlantic !

Rant : Stupid smartphone use of proximity sensor during phone call
After stupid update of "phone application", had to tape over the proximity sensor ! ... otherwise there's no way to reliably shut the screen during a phone call. Whenever the screen is on, my face touching the screen triggers any stupid functions 🙄 Had to try and test a few location because it was not located at the selfie camera. Once again it shows we are not the customers ; we are the product 😑

Social mindfulness
![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/wNp8iPxr3m.webp) Social mindfulness was positively related to the established measure of prosociality called **SVO** (social value orientation is a person’s preference about how to allocate resources between the self and another person) at the national and individual levels. ( Ref. in comments )

Equal yet different 😋
![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/1mCIvRY7bi.webp) Administration of testosterone caused (🙎) ... to unconsciously appropriate a larger space as their own. ( Refs. in comments )