Is it counterproductive to explain misconceptions about Lemmy and advocate for its use on anti-communist subreddits that have suddenly given Lemmy a lot of attention (some by DOSing) due to the quarantining of the GenZedong subreddit and subsequent migration of its users from there to Lemmygrad? I thought it could be a great way to increase Lemmy adoption now that it is getting so much attention from them. However, some people on there actively are trying to harm the Lemmygrad instance, and I worry commenting on there would bring more of that unwanted attention to that instance. Should I or should I not get involved?

I’m talking about these people:

  • @nutomic@lemmy.mlM
    72 years ago

    Its just a single person doing the attack from one IP at a time, so no DDoS. At worst it slows down the site a bit, and besides it allows us to discover and fix these vulnerabilities.