Yet another slight from Duckduckgo, adding to the many they have done recently. I’m looking for a new search engine to be my daily driver. Any suggestions? Startpage? Brave?

    -11 year ago

    As long as products/services are transparent about their limitations, I see nothing wrong with having such limitations

    For my use case, I find it useful that pirated content is downranked/filtered, because these results are so often of terrible quality/relevance and can often be infected/malicious

    DuckDuckGo is a search engine that I can recommend to non-expert friends/family and not worry about it, it’s awesome to have reliable and safe defaults

    For me, DuckDuckGo isn’t perfect (what solution is?), but in terms of harm minimisation, at least my searches aren’t going directly to Google/Microsoft, they are being safely proxied on my behalf

    I do also think it’s very important for alternative products/services to exist for advanced use cases, and for users who know how to safely navigate around the malware/misinformation/etc