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Android is not really FOSS though. Google took the Linux kernel and a few other things to give themselves a headstart, and then built a closed source userspace on top of it.

Even the panic this offer caused among blue ticks is worth it :) I’m enjoying the Schadenfreude.

DuckDuckGo Removes Pirate Sites and YouTube-DL from Its Search Results
Yet another slight from Duckduckgo, adding to the many they have done recently. I'm looking for a new search engine to be my daily driver. Any suggestions? Startpage? Brave?

He’s not a good person. But Elon Musk is a wrecking ball, going through the system and demolishing it. If he buys Twitter and open sources it, then the world will be a slightly better place.

This is suprisingly level headed. But the problem goes away the moment social media giants go away. The problem with the internet are the monopolies. Once you don’t have monopolies the free market can function. Censorship ceases to be a problem when a single platform doesn’t dominate the conversation.

Do you agree? I don't think we're there yet, but I hear the battering ram pounding on walled gardens.

I've been a long-time Elon skeptic. But if he does this, I'm open to being an Elon fan.

what’s the motivation behind buying a powerful laptop? Isn’t it easier to buy a powerful server and to ssh into it?

I think it’s practically impossible to avoid censorship in a centralized platform. Once you have keys to the system, the temptation to do as you will is too great.

Looks promising, I’ll give it a try.

I still need to get some block ists from my uBlock Origin config to vivaldi. There are still too many banners everywhere :)

I still think DDG is better than Google. Google can connect your search with lots of other services (email, youtube, android…). DDG obviously can’t do that.

What the alternative? I came to DDG from Google and going back is non-negotiable. Brave search? Startpage?

Omicron Ba.1 was milder than Delta, and it looks like Ba.2 is milder than Ba1. The virus is evolving towards adapting to human environment, which is good. (but not suprising. this is what viruses do)

John Oliver was great when his show first launched, but in the past years he just became a spokesperson for the American mainstream. This sounds like he’s going back to his roots as a troll. I like it.

Senior officials at the European Commission were targeted last year with spy software designed by an Israeli surveillance firm, according to two EU officials and documentation reviewed by Reuters. Among them was Didier Reynders, a senior Belgian statesman who has served as the European Justice Commissioner since 2019, according to one of the documents. At least four other commission staffers were also targeted, according to the document and another person familiar with the matter. The two EU officials confirmed that staffers at the commission had been targeted but did not provide details. The commission became aware of the targeting following messages issued by Apple to thousands of iPhone owners in November telling them they were "targeted by state-sponsored attackers," the two EU officials said. It was the first time Apple had sent a mass alert to users that they were in government hackers' crosshairs.

Are trending communities really trending?
Whenever I click on a trending community, I see that there is hardly anything in there. Is the trending community algorithm working right?

it’s pretty good, but I feel like I need a full weekend to fully customize it :)

Just installed and giving it a try (yes it was is the distro repos, there is also a AUR for it).

Thanks! A followup: do you know why there is no Flatpak for Vivaldi (at least I can’t see anything).

avoiding alcohol and drugs is also good advice.

Is Vivaldi adblocker comparable to UBlock Origin? I always meant to try Vivaldi, but the absence of UBlock Origin discouraged me.

I thought this was the standard everywhere in the world. Then I traveled to the US and saw how awful and backwards windows there were. It’s pathetic really.

my doctor prescribed me vitamin d. don’t take any vitamins without first getting tested.

newpipe for android and firefox+ublockorigin for the desktop.


Youtube without these is unusable.

I found it on Reddit. I have been neglecting my Reddit account since joining Lemmy.

I had motivational swings. It turned out to be vitamin D defficiency.

I have reservations about giving Google my money.

I got a Fairphone with the default setup. It’s pretty good. Maybe I should check out /e/ the next time I have some free time.

I go between “new” and “hot”.

“active” sorting is just terrible.

Don’t join any website that forces you to dox yourself.

Are there good VR headsets that work on Linux? (bonus points if they also work on my crappy graphics card)

The real number is probably much higher. I routinely play games on my Arch laptop that are neither verified nor marked as playable.

nice pun. have an upvote!

the people who invented this monstrosity just want to watch the world burn.

Not suprised after seeing how controversial the inclusion of gamemode was.

The most interesting change is that Feral Interactive's 'gamemode' has been added to the build and will now be automatically used when games are launched. (actually enabled in 7-11 but 12 and 13 are hotfixes on 11. Don't use 11 or 12.)

## Highlights - Sample rate switching should work again. - pw-dot can now use the output of pw-dump to render a graph. - Bluetooth A2DP streaming was improved that would reduce stuttering on some devices. - A JACK bug was fixed that would sometimes make it impossible to add more tracks in Ardour. (#1714) - Many bugfixes and improvements. ## PipeWire - Fix a potential crash when NULL params were configured. - Add some simple functional tests to avoid some recent regressions. Improve the test framework for this as well. - Improvements to the poll loop to avoid some use-after-free scenarios. - Fix samplerate switching again. - setlocale is not called anymore from the pipewire library. This should be called by the application. (#2223) - pw_init() and pw_deinit() can now be nested and called multiple times. - pw_stream will now report the resampler delay in the pw_time.queued field. ## modules - module-filter-chain now supports arbitrary many properties and will use property hints to assign them the right type. - The ROC modules now accept a sink/source_properties parameter. - The module-rt can now also be built without RT-Kit support. - module-echo-cancel can now use a fraction to specify the delay for more precise control. ## SPA - The channelmixer will now do upmixing by default and will not use normalization. It will also use a simple upmixing algorithm that duplicates channels by default. A more interesting upmix method is also available (PSD) but needs to be enabled manually. (#861) - Add SSE optimized (de)interleave functions for 32 bits samples with and without byteswap. - JSON parsing of empty strings will now give an invalid number instead of 0. - JSON numbers are now parsed and serialized in a locale independent way so that , and . are not mixed up. - The resampler will now report the resample delay and queued samples as the extra delay. ## tools - pw-cat will read more dsf files correctly and will not crash at the end. - pw-top now has a man page. - pw-dot can now use the output of pw-dump to render a graph. ## bluetooth - Improve interactions with oFono. - Fix recovery with slow connections. - Improve frame size of AptX-ll. - A2DP can now use any quantum and will flush packets in smaller chunks when needed to adapt. This improves stuttering in some cases. ## pulse-server - The server configuration can now be placed in pulse.properties section, which also makes it possible to have custom overrides. - Implement FIX_ flags for capture as well. - Small fixes and improvements in module loading. ## JACK - Clear the last error before executing a new action or else we could end up with error from a previous action. This causes some problems in Ardour where adding a track would fail after some time. (#1714)