It’s Elon’s show now

Ah yes. Buying a company is totally subversive! /s
urte bat

twitter isn’t and “individual-centrered” social network really: sure, it often can be, but it doesn’t have to

there are also a lot of organisations, projects, networks, loose associations of whatever variety

before my twitter account was banned the feed was even dare i say interesting 🤷‍♀️
urte bat

It’s definitelly not optimal for that. In my opinion, using proper blogs, websites and feeds is a much more intelligent, decentralized, and powerful alternative to artificially limited microblogging.

The only reason companies and groups love having a Twitter is because it allows them to advertise themselves there, due to how big its userbase is. It also allows them to have a more direct engagement with their “followers” or appear to be more “down to earth” preciselly because of the way it’s traditionally a platform more “individual-centered”. Twitter just happens to be good for Marketing. And the same goes for Facebook.

Imho, the blogosphere was in a very good place before Twitter and Facebook started to rise in popularity, when having a personal website was more of a common thing to do instead. Imho, the solution isn’t Mastodon either… I’d much rather go back to when using feed readers was a thing. I just wish there was a more modern pub-sub like alternative to RSS that we could use for websites (or maybe there is but nobody uses it…), and a more standardized API for viewing/posting coments to a blog post directly from your feed reader.

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