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It's a good thing I ditched GitHub and VSCode!

I don’t confuse them. The U.S founded NATO (through the North Atlantic Treaty).

Folks, I did it. I got called a tankie online.

The bogeymen that terrorized Africa for 3 centuries, and socialist countries when they exist.

https://redd.it/v8l8vi These people keep bringing up "mArKeT sHaRE" 1. Linux is free. How would it get market share? 2. It's quite difficult to get an accurate "market share" since user-agents can be faked. EDIT: I wonder if Microsoft are making anti-Linux accounts to try and hamper Linux.

This post is really overdramatic… How good Reddit is depends on the sub. I frequent /r/linux_gaming for example and it’s a very chill place with good discussion. If you don’t like a sub, don’t use it, but to dismiss and insult everyone who frequents there is dumb…

Yes, users shouldn’t immediately be dismissed as dumb just because they use Reddit; but the majority of users on Reddit hold dumbass opinions; tons of them support imperialist countries (U.S and Japan), their puppets (Taiwan and the Republic of Korea), and organizations (NATO).

The upvote-downvote feature is the worst mechanic to plague social media.

Okay, suggest a good alternative to filter out trash in social media.

Add the ability to hide posts. In fact, It doesn’t even need to be added, I already hide posts through uBlock Origin.

Every alternative without voting ends up being like 4chan, a cesspool where people shout the stupidest most insane (and often offensive) things and you’re forced to trudge your way through it to find any decent content.

Check out a mailing list hosted by a major organization, like the FSF or the Linux Foundation; I don’t think mailing lists exactly form a “cesspool”. Mailing lists generally do not have an upvote system.

4chan is a cesspool because of the annonymity and culture fostered overtime; the upvote system just make it worse. Reddit is an example: good opinions get downvotes because of kneejerk reactions and they reinforce conformity through our arbitrary values. It’s not just Reddit either:

Also, Reddit is a cesspool (like 4chan), just not in the way you expect.

Political stuff.
  • Most Reddit users support nazis in Ukraine (specifically NATO) and delusioned into thinking Ukraine will win.
  • Reddit has an overt western bias due to it being an centralized, english-based website. It also censors communist communities. (For examples, see the quarantined /r/genzedong and banned /r/genzhou subreddits). Reddit has even been used by the CIA to spread propaganda!
  • Reddit admins are known to be hypocritical and unclear when describing their rules.[1][2]
  • Reddit has a shitty award system that monetizes conformity.
  • Bot accounts can easily be automated to mass upvote or downvote certain posts.
  • Upvotes or downvotes can be bought.[3] [4]

At least when I open something like /r/television, I expect to see stuff people enjoy and articles of interest.

Well I can’t exactly expect Reddit to not form a hivemind.

None of the alternatives in the article are real alternatives too. It just sounds like OP got fed up with social media and decided to do something else in their life, which yeah sure but it sounds like you just need to chill out and be the one to ignore the “drunk loud idiots” and just browse places you like.

Why are the alternatives not “real” alternatives? (This argument is like a ‘no true scotsman’ fallacy.) It ain’t exactly a good idea to solely discuss on a centralized platform formed by a corporation in the imperial core (aka the United States).

How do you ignore the drunk loud idiots on Reddit when they penetrate a large mass of westerners?

  1. The Tragic Tale of Reddit ↩︎

  2. Why Do Reddit Mods Always Look Like This? (Note: Ignore the derogatory title; I don’t like it either. Not all Reddit mods are bad. I cited the video because it summarizes the hypocrisy of the Reddit admins.) ↩︎

  3. https://reddit-marketing.pro/ ↩︎

  4. https://www.soar.sh/service/buy-reddit-upvotes/ ↩︎

People really need to stop inserting this shitty upvote system; because it will inevitably never work.

Don't use Reddit for Linux or BSD related questions
The upvote-downvote feature is the worst mechanic to plague social media.

Oof. That also annoys me. I didn’t even notice the site didn’t explain an instance.(I should probably issue a bug on GitHub; but I hate GitHub because Microsoft.)

PeerTube is referring to this definition of instance:

instance - an item of information that is typical of a class or group; “this patient provides a typical example of the syndrome”; “there is an example on page 10”

So, think of PeerTube as a class, and a site running PeerTube as the instance.

A federation system functions as a class-instance: There is a software (the class) that can be deployed by people on to sites, as instances. This software can operate with other instances of the software.

It’s what Lemmy uses.

Petal Search. A search engine by Huawei that recently switched from searching for Android apps to general search in order to reduce dependence on Western search providers. Despite its surprisingly good results, I wouldn’t recommend it due to privacy concerns…

*lists Google Search, the most antiprivacy search engine by an advertising company*

The hypocrisy in that statement is unreal…

Are you able to get the kernel log? Try posting that on pastebin.

Dialectics And Modelling In Information Systems
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/311994 > This paper is an interesting read! When I first learned of dialectics, I wondered if it had been applied to computer science. > > --- > > Dialectics perfectly explains why it is not always feasible to have a *universal* standard; sometimes contradictions in a general problem (like Databases and programming) are prevalent enough for a single standard to not solve them.

Try finding another SOCKS proxy site.

[Corridor Crew] used this tech a few months back. --- This is cool! (It could be used for malicious intent; but it also gives people the ability to protect their privacy in the event that they need to show a face.)

A Database that Follows the Unix Philosophy GNU recutils - Invidious
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/294325 > [GNU Recutils > ](https://www.gnu.org/software/recutils/)

CurseForge replaced legacy API (without any forewarning) with a blackboxed API that requires keys.
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/296994 >So that's why [MultiMC removed CurseForge support](https://github.com/MultiMC/Launcher/commit/0a827ba70e6ef20187f8507a536d54a8441020dc) (in commit `0a827ba70e6ef20187f8507a536d54a8441020dc`). (The commiter couldn't even bother to *include* the full explanation in the merge commit. This is why I hate GitHub.) > >So scummy of CurseForge. They're also trying to insert ads.^[["As we supported Linux, we tried to technically look on how ad monetization would look like on Mac & Linux (something that we didn't yet have the bandwidth to do).", *Old API deprecation, Linux and Standalone client FAQ*](https://support.curseforge.com/en/support/solutions/articles/9000215005-old-api-deprecation-linux-and-standalone-client-faq)]

I *absolutely* agree! (I'm not stanning for Linus; I have a similar opinion.) GitHub merges have so little info that I may as well just use `git` to merge. I guess that's why I'm confused by GitHub merges in projects.

Unix emulator project maintainer removes FOSS license and writes his own in response to criticism for modifying user data : r/programming
* [Issue #1059](https://github.com/simh/simh/issues/1059). * [Another message to issue #1059 by Paul Hardy.](https://groups.io/g/simh/message/1417) [Reddit thread.](https://redd.it/usv5nv) --- The project maintainer is egotistical. I guess that's *another* behavior to not do as a software developer.

Why did SDL change from LGPL?
Apparently SDL-org changed the license of SDL from the LGPL (a copyleft license) to zlib (a permissive license).^[[Older Releases](https://libsdl.org/release/) (Check the license in versions before SDL2 and 1.3.)] I don't get why SDL-org would make the license change; unless if it's for popularity.

Luca Di Maio's GitHub account got flagged, disabling access to repositories he own including Distrobox
[r/linux thread.](https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/uri2ac/luca_di_maios_github_account_got_flagged/)

Thoughts on trait-selection abortion?
Bad idea to ban trait-selected abortion, IMO; but I would just allow it as some people would just do abortion on their own anyway. This issue can't just be boiled down to ableism; it is a large reason for the potential abortions. Ableism is a symptom of capitalism. However, some people don't have the resources to take care of a(n) (autistic) child; some persons got raped and they got pregnant. Is it "ableist" to abort an autistic child then?

How do you deal with dental health?
I didn't brush my teeth as a child and teen because I had energy issues and I struggled to actually do them; I still struggle to do it today. I rarely floss because it seems like a lot of work for seemingly little gains. I got plaque again after getting teeth cleaned some weeks ago. I guess my teeth is screwed...

What is your opinion on sex work?
My opinion is that sex work should be legal. It would enable involuntary virgins to get a *good* sex experience for payment; they will be guaranteed a good sex experience with a sex worker: no harassment, good education, and a fun time. Sex work gets shamed by ~~people~~ puritans because of payment for sex and it's "sinful"; yet these same ~~persons~~ puritans get and have sex for free out of "passion" or marriage; they also discriminate against minorities in sec. EDIT: Apparently there is an implied difference between sex work and prostitution. I mean sex work. EDIT 2: I messed up the writing of my post. My real opinion is located in [this comment](https://lemmy.ml/post/266235/comment/181850): > Oof. I didn't realize there was way more exploitation than just sex traffickers. It totally makes sense though; sex trades are a product of capitalist exploitation and the existence of private property. (Naturally under communism, the prevalence of sex trades would be heavily reduced.) > It seems like I couldn't communicate my ideas properly beforehand. I don't want people in the sex trade to be criminalized; I want pimps and johns to be criminalized. > Only a few hours ago: I wanted to support a sex trade industry that didn't involve rapes or rely on economic coercion. I just wanted disabled people, who keep getting discriminated out of sex,^[[*Sexual Ableism*](https://lareviewofbooks.org/article/sexual-ableism/)]^[[*Dating With Disability: How to Rise Above Sexual Ableism*](https://radiantabilities.com/rise-above-sexual-ableism/)]^[[*Dating with Disability: Choose Your Dreams Over Sexual Ableism*](https://radiantabilities.com/dreams-not-sexual-ableism/)] to be able to feel better about their lives; a lack of sex can cause mental health issues in some people (even though this shouldn't happen). (However, having sex probably won't fix the issue, it will just hide the problems until later). Now I feel like shit...

Why haven't corporations bribed their way through copyleft (licenses) yet?
I thought companies could bribe through the legal system, so why not licenses?

I feel that barcodes (usually QR Codes) are underutilized; I forgot about them until I saw [this post.](https://lemmy.ml/post/260138) * I think barcodes could potentially be used to quickly transmit preset information to war victims. * They could be used to transmit information on platforms that censor: Sharing Lemmy posts on Reddit (even though it's currently redundant due to federation). (I just thought of this.)