• d-RLY?
    31 year ago

    While the crypto part of it was a mixed bag. It really sucks to see LBRY/Odysee go down. While there is still PeerTube, it isn’t as easy for new people and easier to search for things and other stuff that being a more central site (while still doing the P2P serving of the data) makes easy. The P2P element was also nicely done IMO since it basically just downloads the actual videos to your PC (if you chose to participate), which made keeping offline copies easy for archiving or adding to home media servers. It also eventually got a somewhat basic app for non-PC devices like Roku that could be connected to my account and show the channels I follow. I tend to watch most of my stuff via my TV+Roku. Which means that I only use PeerTube randomly, and mostly if something is linked from Limmy. If PeerTube is able to get an app that can be signed into on Roku I would loooove to use it. Maybe some of the code used for LBRY/Odysee could be of use to PeerTube in some way. Even just having one app on PC that can be used as a front-end for users. Like be able to add or remove instances that have things you like, and maybe have an API for instances that don’t want to be searchable outside of members of said instance to be left out. Just sucks to see one of the more well known alts to YouTube go down with or without the crypto stuff. It was able to get a pretty nice amount of creators that I already followed on YouTube to at least mirror their stuff so that they had a fall-back if Google decided to delete their accounts or pull content that it feared advertisers wouldn’t like.

    While I think I may come across as not liking PeerTube. I actually want to be able to use it more and see it grow into a real option for less technically inclined folks (it is atm a struggle to get my friends to try it out). And if any of the stuff above that I said I liked about LBRY are actually already part of PeerTube. Please let me know. I would love to find out that there is even decent unofficial channels/apps for Roku or other boxes! Or if there is a PC app that can act as a front-end for making it easier to find things and add stuff to my “watch later” or other playlists!