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Aside from seeing some possible options on https://alternativeto.net/software/frost-for-facebook/?p=1 (most seem to be free but proprietary or freemium). But if you only need it to basically just interact with some friends/family. Why not just use the website for the times you need it? Are there some specific set of features in Frost that are must haves? As I imagine that FB will keep tweeking things in order to make thrid-party apps/sites harder to function. I will say that the official Lite version of the chat app is much better than the full version (I like the idea of the chat heads, but got tired of them getting in my way). It seems to use less of my battery when I do end up using it.

And they will keep yelling about how leftists are all actually Nazis while literally burning books. The worst kind of fascists are all fascists, but the next in line are the ones that don’t seem to realize that they are. The combination of massive corp greed across all media has done the real work for indoctrinating so many. Doublespeak and gaslighting all the culture war stuff. The right is doing a terrifyingly good job at making people actually proud to be ignorant. It is “American” to be consumed with placing individualism above community. So convinced that any and all assistance programs are “evil” or that we can’t “encourage laziness”. Which is ironic given how folks that claim this shit are among the worst offenders for grifting or otherwise scamming people that do work hard. The “pro-law and order” folks are among the worst offenders of literally breaking laws and threatening people and property (which they won’t STFU about how "Antifa is being trucked into places in order to break shit). I wouldn’t lose sleep if I ever had to put down any of them, as they are only tripling down on their stances and open threats. Not willing to just take the L on shit they have been, or currently are, wrong about (which is admittedly a big step ego-wise). Which is why I do try to do what I can if I manage to get a good-faith conversation going, and I see them actually having their mind blown. But that requires a lot of factors lining up and time isn’t on our side atm.

I wasn’t aware that there was a Linux implementation of Bitlocker. Do you have any links that might be worth looking at? I am willing to try anything that might help with these Optane+NVMe drives when the computer they came out of doesn’t work.

Optane on consumer laptops has been a huge pain to deal with. It has lead to so many very frustrating moments where I have to explain that their computer actually has two drives but they are seen as one. I have also been running into “fun” moments in trying to get data off a Optane+NVMe SSD that Bitlocker was also on. Non-Optane drives pop-up a dialog box that allows the owner’s recovery key to be entered and then unlock the drive to get data. Optane+NVMe drives will only show up in Disk Management, but will also claim to be dramatically larger than they really are (a 32GB+512GB one might show up as being like 2TB protected). So even if I have the Bitlocker key, it doesn’t matter because unless the unit it came out of boots the drive won’t show data anywhere else. Though I am more than willing to hear any methods for getting around this issue. If we can get NVMe drives as fast as Optane, or just make large Optane only main drives. But I am guessing cost is the main thing stopping that for consumer level stuff?

Don’t go kink-shaming how he chooses to get tha (vitamin) D! lol

I hope we don’t see a new clusterfuck of editions like Vista and to a lesser extent 7. I wonder if this will be a requirement for the “privilege” of having Windows 11 S-Mode. The “S” version already feels like it might as well be known as “Windows 11 Laptop/Tablet”.

Thanks for the info! I am using Windows, but I downloaded the extension and tor zip for advanced Windows on their site. Created a torrc file and set it to the localhost:9050 and created a “tor” container. And just tested it with the check.torproject.org site (both with a normal tab and a “tor” container tab) with success! Good to know random things that might be very worth knowing.

SMS is a fallback for iMessage. If two iPhone users send messages via iMessage, it is done through that service’s message type. But if they get or send messages to a non-iPhone user, it falls back on SMS. Which is why they have the blue (iMessage) and green (SMS) bubbles. So it is mostly about it just being a universal format if all you know is someone’s phone number. Which is why a lot of other message apps will also do both. Though I think we will see fewer SMS used as people are getting used to having their contacts auto-added to one or more of the chat apps (assuming they don’t opt-out of that feature). But I also think SMS is too universal to just completely go away all together. As it is the easiest way to send out an emergency alert or something else like that in a way that all carriers can 100% use.

Do you have a link to a guide for setting that up? I know that I can right-click on a link to open as a container. But would be cool to see how to try a setup like you have.

You might very much be onto something with regards to the lack of “needing” to learn another language from a place like the US being its own excuse. Truly needing to learn or be completely left behind (depending on the situation) is a very powerful motivator. My use of random things is sure to be no different than the folks you know for sure. Some is just because maybe a word from somewhere else in the world just sounds better to me (though I try to use them correctly). I will say that I imagine that the youth and the next generations that have such easy access to different ways to learn language might be a game changer. It would’ve been great to have super easy access to stuff like Duolingo when I was a child. The simple difference in just how a sentence is constructed in different languages does give an insight into how people think (or even explain why to a non-speaker folks from other places are no nonsense or super expressive). Which is very very helpful in building both relationships and real understanding. Also for what it is worth, I do tend to go with original languages of the media I am at least watching (dubbed over voice acting quality has definitely gotten much better but still “feels” wrong in most cases for me). The only times I tend to go with English dubs are normally due to needing to multitask or if my ADD is making focusing hard. Sometimes a dub that is done well might have me re-watching stuff just to see how things are presented differently. Having random interactions like this comment and reply also help me have a better understanding of the world. So many things are just catered to the US and leads to arrogance on our part. Just going through life thinking that we (US citizens) are “correct” about things. When the reality is that we just don’t care to understand. Especially re-enforced by our “America is the greatest nation in the world” indoctrination from our right-wing and centrist politics. We are seeing a rise in the drive to “whitewash” history and to keep forgetting all the times we have been both wrong and the creators of suffering (both metaphorical and literal).

I will admit that being from the US myself, it might be easier for me to have this opinion (just going ahead and accepting that at the jump here). Maybe it is because we don’t have like an official language (legally speaking), but I love using words from other languages when I can. Unfortunately I haven’t ever been able to get my dumb mind to really learn other languages in any helpful manor. For me it is at least mildly educational to hear what things are called outside the US (even from other variants of English). Reading/hearing about slang terms from other places gives lots of options for saying stuff. It at least “feels” like a starting point for us to form a more universal way to speak and understand each other. Being into anime and k-pop, I learn things that are relevant to the hobbies and prefer those terms (so long as I can both remember them and get my mouth to say them).

That doesn’t mean I think it is correct for other languages to just give up being used by those that speak it. English is where it is because of the mass colonization and literal genocides under their rule. And the US has been more than guilty of the same before and after surpassing the British empire. Too many folks in just the US alone just expect people from other places to accommodate us and not the other way around. I am a firm believer that my country shouldn’t ever have an official language or bans on using other languages. Too many reactionaries wanting to show how “patriotic” they were after 9/11 kept tossing out the idea of officially changing words that even just implied being French (like “Freedom fries” instead of “French fries”) just because of perceived lack of support from the French government to support us just invading other nations. Same shit was tried back in WW1 (I think) with anything that was or was perceived to be German.

We can learn stuff from each other when we adopt phrases and words that aren’t specifically our own. And we should respect those that do wish to use their own or other languages mixed together or not. Letting a language just “die” can make shit hard for learning from history. But we shouldn’t just stop evolving as our worlds keep blending. Again, this is certainly easier for me to say given where I am from. I would absolutely love to see more of other languages getting used in popular culture (even if it is just because it just sounds cooler/better to me at least lol).

That is how evolution works. Stuff changes at various rates, and language can change really fast (even just one generation). With the internet we will see it change even faster. English does have quite the leg-up just because of how well the British were at conquest (not approving this to be good to be clear). With the US becoming “the” superpower over the past 80 years, it too has had a major impact on keeping it going. I would love to see more influence into modern language come from non-English sources though. The more we expand our shared language, the more we might start to better understand each other. I have always heard that even learning just one other language can change your way of thinking about how other people approach different things. Locking people into the “us vs them” headspace creates room for fear based on lies or just because they are different. Just like how people of older age groups tend to get defensive of younger people just changing things. Which leads to some of said older folks to harass or otherwise belittle the youth for just doing something different. Also with this being from “The Guardian”, I would imagine that shit isn’t really as much of an issue for most of the regular population.

I don’t think this actually stops rooting, as some partitions have been read-only since Android 10 devices.

I will admit that I am not fully aware of how the current system is setup. But from what I am getting out of the linked article and a few other sites, it seems that this is just replacing the current Ext4 system partitions that are already read-only. Which seems to have been a thing starting with devices that shipped with Android 10. I am not currently messing around with custom ROMs, so I am not up on the scene these days. So again, I am not coming at this from a great in-depth knowledge and could be misunderstanding things.

I wish they had a link for downloading it, but will definitely try it out when it can be.

I hope we see these showing up for sale soon! It seems like a good pick for my first 3D printer. Fucking hype has taken hold over me, and just hope it won’t completely wreck my funds! lol