Researchers at UC San Diego have for the first time sought to quantify the frequency of UID smuggling, a new method for tracking users across the Web, which does not require third-party cookies. The research team is also releasing both their complete dataset and their measurement pipeline for use by browser developers.

  • @ailiphilia@feddit.itOP
    -12 years ago

    Aha, that’s good question. I don’t know, unfortunately, but I am sure there is someone around more capable than me …

    • Izzie🥑
      2 years ago


      I posted the article on the blokada forum and asked. I’ll let you know. Blokada has a VPN but the basic free ad blocker is not an actual VPN, it uses downloaded ad and malware filters, though it runs like a VPN on mobile.

      I really love it and imo better than duckduckgo’s. It’s completely customizable and it’s amazing the number of trackers it stops.