This is a lemmy feature request. I’m happy to file an issue on github is people thinks this is worthwhile. I just want to gauge interest.

When creating a new post, could the URL field be expanded to also accept a lemmy community handle, i.e, ! That way a user could create a post to announce a community that would link to the community, within the instance the user is on.

See this post for an example. My lemmy account is on So when I follow the link in this post, I’m taken to and can’t directly follow the community. It’d be nicer if each instance detected that the link was a lemmy group and linked to the instance local community, in this case: I’m assuming this would just be a frontend thing and the ActivityPub json would still use the canonical url.

    31 year ago

    This would be useful! I never remember the correct URL format for subscribeable community. And for non-techy people the task of finding it can be downright impossible.