34 hilabete

Would be cool if someone where to make a “have I been pwned” check to see if you were secretly added. It is kind of fucked up to be someone that is on the list and literally have no idea or a chance to even appeal. Especially since being on such a big deal list could lead to you being added to other lists that can be used against you in so many ways. Much like how people that get falsely dragged through the mud by all major media outlets and their talking heads. But when they are found to be innocent (even with 100% proof), those same outlets either don’t report about it or not put the same effort into correcting the stories. So the accused just keeps being treated as monsters because most people only ever saw/heard the false accusations (and the media outlets really only get profits from building more and more drama). It is also possible to be falsely targeted if you have the same or similar names.

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