• @imgprojts@lemmy.ml
    27 months ago

    I wanted to admin something then because of the pandemic and having lots of time available. I spent months just contacting people around the web and Reddit to see if they wanted to sign up. It was my wake up routine. Then Ukraine got invaded by Russia and I took a more political approach to the words I use in my posts about puto putin and his k-illing squads. Something about replacing his thinking box with fresh air didn’t sit well with somebody 🤣. So they banned me. I thought wow, maybe this site is actually monitored and admin-ed by ruzzia? Or maybe puto putin hasn’t yet excused enough Ukraninans back to the ceiling where jebus lives? Does the world actually like that left over deamon? Went to sleep on Friday and Saturday morning when I woke up I was banned from all of reddit. I had 3 accounts and they banned all of them. I decided to not create a new account and just go elsewhere.