Welcome to c/open_e_resources,

This community, which is not affiliated with UNESCO’s OER btw, was created so that anyone may share educational resources that are open, libre and free by nature.

Quality education shouldn’t need to be expensive, locked behind paywalls and proprietary licenses, so let’s unlock those gates together.

The 5R principles below are used as our metric for the resources we search for:

  • Retain - make, own, and control a copy of the resource (e.g., download and keep your own copy)
  • Revise - edit, adapt, and modify your copy of the resource (e.g., translate into another language)
  • Remix - combine your original or revised copy of the resource with other existing material to create something new (e.g., make a mashup)
  • Reuse - use your original, revised, or remixed copy of the resource publicly (e.g., on a website, in a presentation, in a class)
  • Redistribute - share copies of your original, revised, or remixed copy of the resource with others (e.g., post a copy online or give one to a friend)

(excerpt taken from opencontent.org)

When finding a resource, make sure to list the license/nature of the resource and anti-features, similar to how F-Droid does it.

If there’s any question or anything you’d like to see improved/changed, let me know. I’m also looking for mods (no criteria).

Open Educational Resources

    A community focused on sharing and talking about free/libre/copyleft/public domain resources for educational use. Resources may include things like textbooks, audiobooks, web apps, apps and more.


    • Follow Lemmy site-wide rules and Code of Conduct

    • Prior to posting and if possible, specify the license/nature of the resource(s) and anti-features. The resources should be at least “redistributable” and “remixable” by anyone and everyone.

    • Avoid sharing resources encouraging nationalism, fascism or one-sided views. International solidarity is key.

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