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I compiled a master dictionary of all the unique words from pu and ku and made an Anki deck to use!
Last month, I set out to collect all of the unique words in the toki pona language, including new words from ku and a few common combination words, with thorough definitions tied to each word into one master list. This deck is compiled from the dictionary section in pu merged with 2 other dictionaries I found online: - http://tokipona.net/tp/ClassicWordList.aspx - https://devurandom.xyz/tokipona/dictionary.html - https://devurandom.xyz/tokipona/13.html I also pulled a couple definitions from jan Misali's video on ku: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3p4-GFXrkM Finally, the master list itself is available in text format here if you're interested in that instead of the shared Anki deck: - [toki pona ku.txt direct download](https://hub.alamantus.com/index.php/s/CHKqqeFg7GF795c/download) _Note that the list and deck do not include country names and other proper nouns that had examples given in pu and ku, only the distinct toki pona words._ (I tried posting this the other day, but the original flashcards service I was using, Flashcards.io, stopped working for sharing decks, so I figured it was high time I just used the correct software—it was much easier than I expected!)

I made a flash card deck that has all the words and some helpful common combinations to help me memorize!
I wanted a way to study toki pona vocabulary from a master list that included the new ku words plus some other common combo words, so I compiled a word list with the definitions from pu merged with 2 other dictionaries I found online that I could copy and paste into the only flash cards app I could find that was fully free on iOS, Flashcards.io. Linked is the result of my efforts. For reference, here are the other dictionaries I merged with pu: - http://tokipona.net/tp/ClassicWordList.aspx - https://devurandom.xyz/tokipona/dictionary.html - https://devurandom.xyz/tokipona/13.html Plus I pulled a couple definitions from jan Misali's video on ku: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3p4-GFXrkM&t=245s

I really enjoyed jan Misali’s old 12-part YouTube series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjOmpMyMxd8T9lZjF36c4mn4YgwZ4ToT6

They’re working on a new one to reflect changes and updates to the language over the years and currently have one episode out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EZihKCB9iw