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A little off-topic but the day’s not far away when Lithium-ion batteries will cease to be used in smartphones and that, my friends, will be a good day. Basically, Lithium-ion is getting expensive because the raw materials are getting expensive and extending battery capacity(and battery life) while keeping the costs as low as possible is becoming hard(and the improvements in Lithium-ion batteries have remained almost unnoticeable, well it took more than a decade for manufactures to be able to double the battery capacity at first while other key components like CPU etc improved a lot more) and it has become visible during the COVID-19 pandemic. While Oppo’s solution might be good for now, we need to actually switch away from Lithium-ion itself for sustainability and such. TechAltar has made a good video about the batteries in smartphones which I definitely recommend anyone, who is concerned about smartphone batteries, to watch. Here’s the direct link to the video.

Oh well
EDIT: Why are you against gaming in Linux tho?

Nowadays, you can actually enjoy many titles on Linux without any issues thanks to Valve. If you do not hate Linux distributions, consider checking if the games you play are supported well on Linux, Wine if not native linux or the best option, Steam Proton(basically Wine but optimized for games with many titles running without any issues or any extra manual configuration/patching).
You can also use a Windows VM on Linux like SomeOrdinaryGamers’ Mutahar does on his Arch/Manjaro install.

I hope the Governments of other countries do the same. Trusting Windows with Government related stuff is a mistake, Linux on the other hand can be a very trustworthy alternative if they set it up securely enough(for example, prioritizing security modules like SELinux/AppArmor, Yama and such).