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Question | External links in new window/tab?
Could you set Lemmy to open external links in a new window/tab? Especially on the desktop it is annoying to always have to remember to click the link with the middle mouse button, or just in conjunction with ctrl.

Is it possible to use Jerboa with other Lemmy instances then lemmy.ml?

Question | Are there any plans to support hashtags?
On other Fediverse platforms, hashtags are supported to a greater or lesser extent, and on some they are essential. Is a corresponding support planned for Eddy as well?

Question | Is inline support for audio and video streams, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc. planned?
Hello, I wanted to ask if an inline support for media content is planned? So something like video and audio streams, youtube, soundcloud, etc? I think that would make it a lot easier if you don't have to go to another page for each content. OK I'm probably a little spoiled by Diaspora and Friendica. :-)