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when two or more peertubes are connected does that mean that data is replicated between them or is it messaging notifiers only, like RSS, so you can play them from wherever you are logged in?

thanks living superhero

will check them out

also joined a mastodon during the day and was recommended https://diode.zone

GREAT work, thanks a lot. First impression: UI so much leaner and nicer than reddit

fediverse instance for video tutorials and podcasting
Hi! from a new lemmyng, very happy to find this place, thanks to everyone who contributes. I have a mastodon account and have used peertube now and then. Now I'm looking for a **fediverse instance to upload and share video tutorials and podcasts**, mostly FLOSS audio related. Any **pointers and fediverse guidance appreciated**, thanks. https://zotlabs.org/page/hubzilla/hubzilla-project looks fantastic but I can't setup my own instance atm (unless it can be done for über cheap on a VPS somewhere, 100€/year max) https://libremedia.video peertube looks like the right place but video uploads are not allowed by default and I can't figure out if that's per design to preserve disk space (awaiting admin reply)