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@Munrock @Berserkware it’s all about the $Money - a decentralized network (even a BlueSky) is going to have to work like Uber and find hundreds or thousands of people willing to be exploited so the owners can make money - users may think of excitement - owners think only of making money.

@_ed @indieterminacy Why would a slicker platform want to empower its customers to go elsewhere - I expect Twitter to starve it to death and the rest of the platforms cheering on. Mastodons strength is a committed group of people who manage the servers - they will need our respect and financial support. Blue sky is just that …. Blue sky.

@vekku @SrEstegosaurio A free market exists only as a concept in the mind - in the real world they are shackled and regulated to prevent the worst excesses of greed and inhumanity. “Free Markets” have NO business providing aged care, child care or any other sort of care or basic utilities. They also should not be providing news and information where that information is manipulated by an algorithm more interested in profit than the truth. #invisiblehand #freemarket #adamsmith