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@kromonos @mekhos I am using mastodon :) Signed up for lemmy.ml today so hopefully I can avoid that in future.

@MerchantsOfMisery @krolden And when education is available to people, the focus is on step-by-step instructions for proprietary software, not on recognizing common design patterns or understanding the computer itself. And then we wonder why personal computing is disappearing in favor of expensive and exploitative SAAS solutions as we send users who take the initiative to ask for help to LMGTFY…

@MerchantsOfMisery @krolden like, people do not know the difference between a search engine and a web browser; the knowledge discrepancy between most people and the tech savvy is often so profound that we are utterly unqualified to decide what is easy and what isn’t. This is why professional teams use usability studies and not their own intuition to inform UI design decisions.

@MerchantsOfMisery @krolden this. I am the only remotely tech savvy person in my workplace - non tech savvy people take much longer to do the same work as tech savvy workers because they haven’t had similar educational opportunities. They’re self conscious, petrified that they’ll make a mistake that they don’t know how to fix, and absolutely do not have time to work out how to install an OS when they don’t even know what OS stands for.