Hi, I run GamingOnLinux.com. Happy to be part of a more open place to share and chat with you all.

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It took you 4 months to even notice I was here, wow. What I said stands, you’re a terrible power-hungry mod with an attitude problem and should not have any power here on Lemmy.

Not sure what you’re trying to say here? Phoronix covers a lot of stuff no one else does and it’s where I read it?

Edit: ah god dammit, fixed :P

Ideas to grow Lemmy and this community?
Hi all, since I imagine a lot of you are here for the same reasons I am (a dislike of Reddit, prefer open source) how about some thoughts on how we can pull more users over to Lemmy and this linux_gaming community? I've been advertising it where I can but I can only do so much myself in between running [GOL](https://www.gamingonlinux.com/) directly. There's also an announcement bar on GOL that mentions Lemmy on rotation (it's random on refreshes) at the top :) and I Tweet/Mastodon post about it at times too. What can we do? Any interesting ideas? We didn't manage to break 1K by the end of May, so let's go for the end of June for 1K subs to linux_gaming!

Nice to know a report feature is being worked on. Will this be something were many reports cause something to be hidden until an admin/mod can look at it? Might be a good idea.

Sounds like you need a better host too. Who are you with right now?

New Community -> Steam Play (Proton etc for Linux)
Since no one made one yet. A dedicated community for Steam Play Proton on Linux.

That’s nice, would be a good default really to have less focus on points and more on interesting posts and discussions.

Good, I hate the points systems and it really does lead to people being terrible on the likes of Reddit. Internet points makes some people go mad with power.

I have extreme doubts it would be NVIDIA. Just don’t see it happening. They have no real reason to open it up, as nice as it would be.

Argh, not again. Fixed. Seems more like a Lemmy bug, as Phoronix uses standard HTML tags for article titles. Bug report opened.

Apologies for the initial wrong title, looks like Lemmy doesn’t correctly auto-grab the right title from Phoronix links. Fixed.

PulseEffects is an interesting project but I think each has their own use and audience. For NoiseTorch, it does one thing and does it well, rather than overload people with options.

New Community > Linux Hardware
Decided since one didn't exist, to create a dedicated hardware community for Linux.

You tried to get the full-time Project Manager of Godot Engine banned from their own subreddit, because they had the audacity to very politely talk to you about the ban on me from /r/linux. You’re fucking power mad. You should not be listened to, ever.

Admins, if you listen to CAP, you will ruin Lemmy.

The name alone is such a ridiculous scream for attention it’s absurd.

Well, by definition of “blogspam” that would basically ban me and GamingOnLinux.

Frankly, I really think it’s a gross term that often discriminates against websites doing good work, and I’m not even talking about myself here. The /r/linux community on Reddit is notorious for this, banning multiple sites giving out good news and I see CAP_NAME is here as a moderator of the Linux community - sad to see this. CAP is a power-hungry tool who claims harassment whenever people don’t agree with his way of thinking.

The problem should not be banning “blogspam”, the issue should be looking at what the sites and the people running/posting them actually bring to Lemmy. Think about the posts themselves. Do they generate discussion? Get regular upvotes? Do the majority enjoy the content. Lemmy itself is small, being hostile to people that might actually help bring traffic is not going to do it any favours right now. I’ve been constantly advertising Lemmy to multiple thousands of people through GOL social accounts, and our website.

Are the people/websites posting about something other people aren’t? Often yes. Are those news websites the initial source most people get the info from? Usually also yes. People love to claim otherwise (hello CAP_NAME), but the majority do not follow hundreds of mailing lists and RSS feeds to source the info like the news sites do.

Honestly, If the route we go down here is to start shouting “blogspam” and turn into another Reddit with far less people but the same hostile rules, then I’m out and I won’t look back.

I love the idea of Lemmy, so please think on all this very carefully.

As in free of price, not specifically free and open source games.

New Community > Free Games!
Since it didn't exist yet, I created a place for people to share and talk about Free games.