An exploration of the ways in which the Biden Administrations Infrastructure and Social Safety Plans have been inadequate as Corporate Democrats and Republican Politicians Keep eradicating what goes into these bills in favor of Capital and the Owner Class. Popular programs and Necessary funding keep getting slashed while Oligarchs continue to gain wealth and status. This system is broken and we need something different.

Eso, lo mejorcito que conozcan que les parece este bueno socializar. Yo recomiendo: hemisferio izquierdo. razón y revolución. el circulo rojo. Puntos si hablan en un plano estratégico.

Pregunto mas que nada por si participa en alguna que este mas en el palo de lo tecnico.

Que onda, puede ser que nadie milite un carajo?

Let me know your thoughts! Just an informational video on the history of Black anarchism

Sustainable creativity in a world without copyright
I don't agree with some parts of the article ("work more if you want a luxurious house") but it's a very interesting take on copyright and capitalism: > why do we have a system which will, for any reason, deny someone access to food? How unbelievably cruel is a system which will let someone starve because they cannot be productive within the terms of capitalism? > how much creativity is stifled because it cannot be expressed profitably? > Copyright is an absurd system. Ideas do not have intrinsic value. Labor has value, and goods have value. Ideas are not scarce. By making them artificially so, we sabotage the very process by which ideas are made. Copyright is illegitimate, and we can, and ought to, get rid of it.

Thoughts on money…
We are doing the following thought experiment in the steps described below, with some instructions as well. instructions have to be followed for the experiment to be completed, or else you are not really considering what is written below... if that is the case for you, and you didn't follow the instructions below, please don't waste our time and effort with your reply about something, that you could have posted as a subject on its own elsewhere... 1.Imagine that you do something, instructions 1: feel free to imagine, following the steps and instructions below from beginning until the end. Clarifications... follow the instructions from beginning until the end, and don't waste my time and effort. 2.You do this something that you imagine in two different ways from its beginning until its end instructions 2: you can come back to me with two stories, each with a beginning and and end, about something done in two different ways from its beginning until its end. Clarifications... Two stories that start and end, don't waste my time and effort, and follow the instructions from beginning until the end. Where the instruction don't limit you, there you are free to imagine. 3.First you do it with money from its beginning until its end *instructions 3:*Trade is happening in the first story with money. Clarifications... This means that, either you do something for another, and another gives the agreed amount of money to you, or another does something for you, and you give another the agreed amount of money to another...and the agreed amount of money... is the amount of money you and another...agreed in order to trade. Example... Why the below is provided as an example, in case it offends you, you will find out in number 4. e.g. prostitution is legal in the place where this example...takes place, and you or another give money to the other one in exchange for sex. 4.Secondly you do it without money from its beginning until its end *instructions 4:*Trade is happening in the second story without money. Clarifications... This mean that, you do this for another and another does that for you, this and that is whatever it is for the specific occasion and instance, and money isn't involved between the two of you, in the second story. Also this means that the stories you can come back to me are one story with trade and money and the other story also with trade but without follow the instructions, and don't waste my time and effort. Example... And now time has come to find out why prostitution was discussed in number 4, with the following example. e.g. you and another have sex, and money isn't involved in this example. You and another freely chose to have sex with one another, and freely chose not to use money. Why this example is used in number 5., you will find out in number 6. 5. For the second way when you do it without money, you have to spend less time and effort to do it, from its beginning until its end *instructions 5:*In the first story when you do it with money, you have to spend more time and effort to do it, from its beginning until its end Example... Time to find out the difference between 4. and 5. with the following example. e.g. You have sex with another, another is your partner in life, and after sex... having heard that that money means , store of value, medium of exchange, unit of account... you decide to give to another, who is your partner in life, after you had sex with one so as to show the value of another to you, for the exchange that took place, with a real unit of account... What do you think another would do, especially if you were a man and another was a woman...and you gave to a woman who was your partner in life, money after having sex with her, in order to thank her for having sex with you? Still unconvinced?.. ok, let's move one... 6. I wonder would you say you are using your money wisely? Clarifications... follow the instructions from beginning until the end, and don't waste my time and effort. 7. Because if you would, wait a minute before you start replying, and listen to me. In both stories that you can come back to me, you are trading with another. In one of the stories, you have to spend more time and effort, to do what you freely imagined you do with another, plus you have to also use money on top of having to spend more time and effort to do it, unlike the way you do it in the other story. In the other story, you have to spend less time and effort, to do what you freely imagined you do with another, and as you also have to not use money in the second story, you don't have to spend time and effort to use money, unlike the way you do it in one of the stories. 8. So it seems to me that the other story, and not one of the stories, is what you would be looking for...if it seems sensible to you to spend less time and effort, and not get caught up in one of those know the ones I'm talking about, no?.. if not, I am talking about one of the stories where you have to spend endless time and effort even for the simplest of things. "Hey, I don't understand the above, what's the summary?", one may ask. Money reduces the time and effort people have to spend to trade with one another. Clarifications for the "I don't understand" one. When one is wasting one's money, it is up to that one to find this out in the end for oneself. 2. When the way one uses money increases the time and effort one has to spend to do what one wants to do, one is wasting either one's money, or another one's money, or the rest one's money. Clarifications for the "I don't understand, and I am offended" one. When one is wasting another one's money, another one doesn't want to waste another one's time and effort, and tries to avoid trading with one, and trades...with another one. 3. And in the end, how all have to remember the above, is... When some are wasting the rest of our money, it is up to the rest of us to show to some that we don't want some to be wasting our time and effort with their endless nonsense stories about what money does, because... Clarifications for everyone. Money reduces the time and effort people have to spend to trade with one another, or people are wasting each other's time and effort spending their money... ...and then they have the nerve to call what they are doing trading with one another Up to now, some people don't know how to not waste one another's time and effort, it seems to me, and they add money on top of that, as if that would make their case better... ... how about they put some time and effort thinking now, so that they don't end up wasting our time and effort, because money reduces the time and effort people have to spend to trade with one another. **Why would you say all the above? ** Cause, **1. first way to explain ** What is it that people wasting others’ time and effort not understanding but that exactly? And what is it that people using money…wasting others’ time and effort not understanding but what money does when money is used sensibly? And in the end, what is it that people don’t understand , when they hear that they have to not waste others’ time and effort when they are using money, as … Money has to not increase the time and effort for what it is used to do, when it is used sensibly. **2. second way to explain ** Player do you know what money does… Money doesn’t do what those who have money say… Money reduces the time and effort to trade… Or we are stuck with idiots wasting our time and effort. Have you ever really thought of that? **3. third way to explain** For example… Imagine you order take away from the same place many times, and lately it takes longer and longer for the food to arrive, and the food may start getting a bit cold…and it doesn’t seem to be getting better in the future, but the prices don’t change… …do you start getting a feeling this might be a waste of your time and effort or not? Generally Imagine you do the same thing with the same amount of money twice from its beginning until its end , but one of the times that it takes you more time and effort. Would you choose again and again to do it when it takes you more time and effort to do it with the same amount of money, doing the same thing? ****4. final way to explain **** When something makes sense, it makes sense to happen again and again in reality. When something doesn’t make sense, it isn’t worth out time and effort…cause… …do we REALLY HAVE TO? CASES, That people view similarly over some time become… FASHIONABLE, But ways that people view similarly OVER AND OVER IN TIME, become… …common sense.

What if only non-profits existed?
cross-posted from: > No corporations, no profit based businesses, no state. Only non-profit organizations. Would this be communism? > > If so, could this possibly be self-sustainable? How can such decentralized society structure possibly self sustain without the threat of centralization?

Time Magazine Person Of The Year 2021 and Ghislane Maxwell

Domestic homicide involves violence at the most intimate level – the partner or family relationship. The most common strategy for addressing this kind of transgression relies on policing and prisons. But through examining commonly accepted typologies of intimate partner violence, Ardath Whynacht shows that policing can be understood as part of the same root problem as the violence it seeks to mend. This book illustrates that the origins of both the carceral state and toxic masculinity are situated in settler colonialism and racial capitalism. Describing an experience of domestic homicide in her community and providing a deeply personal analysis of some of the most recent cases of homicide in Canada, the author inhabits the complexity of seeking abolitionist justice. Insurgent Love traces the major risk factors for domestic homicide within the structures of racial capitalism and suggests transformative, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, feminist approaches for safety, prevention and justice.

In an ancap country, would this be what would happen in the country?
Welcome to Ancapistan Where every man can be a king Welcome to Ancapistan Where your worth as a man is the worth that you bring (Minarchist!) [Minarchist] In Ancapistan we look after each other We treat our trade partners as if they were brothers There's solidarity in the trade community No government tyranny here, we're finally free! (Hoppean!) [Hoppean] We don't have poors, and by poors I mean blacks We've got open doors to the rich white upper-class Stimulate economies without causing commotion Degenerates get forcibly removed into the ocean [Ancap] Uh, he doesn't mean that [Hoppean] What do you mean, Ancap? Yes, I do [Ancap] Uh, Libertarian? [Libertarian] Don't worry, Ancap, I got you Plebs are underpaid Solidarity through trade You can get laid with your maid Or anyone who's underage [Ancap] And if you're a commie the NAP cannot stop me From throwing you out the choppie and then McNuking your body 'Cause commies aren't people, and stealing wealth is evil So go starve all of your sheeple in your latest statist cathedral [Citizens of Ancapistan] You will be so happy here The roads are broke but no one cares We pay 12 bucks each breath of air And everyone's a billionaire [The cripplingly poor] Except for the cripplingly poor [Ancap] F off! How did you get in my music video? Go starve on the streets like you're supposed to! I'm paying my private police far too much if they keep letting this happen

Smash capitalism

Took the authorities a while to figure out why several phone providers were experiencing connection issues in a neighborhood. Turns out the guy had a wireless jammer in his apartment "to prevent others from using his wifi". Armed and face-covered police swept through the entire building and (apparently, though not explicitly said) kicked his door while he was away, to turn off the device. He risks 6 months jail time and 30 000€ fine.


>It may well be the case that fighting climate change will require middle-class and even working-class people in wealthy countries to change their lifestyles in the decades ahead. Given, however, the extent to which the rich are disproportionately responsible for global emissions, and the widespread public consensus around raising their taxes, it would be both politically popular and sound policy-wise to emphasize redistributive solutions to the climate crisis.

Fighting the drug war one baby step at a time. feel free to tell me to fuck off if you so choose.

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