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Duckduckgo has had a star in my book until recently. Because they have been dishonest about their tracking. They do enable Microsoft trackers. But if I have understood it correctly, this is only the case for their apps.

Faces potentially a large fine. Im sure facebook’s government contacts can explain how their spying on children wasnt really that serious or even spying at all.

Articles like this creates the illusion that facebook can be held accountable. But really, what we need is for everybody to realize that facebook is just a unnessecary middleman.

Https rewards bloat. We should pick protocols that is simpler to develop for.

The norwegian mastodon instance https://snabelen.no has also increased it’s userbase dramatically. From having 100 active users to 250 active users. I don’t know how many new accounts has been created. I have also seen a new norwegian instance being created with 6 registered users.

Allowing liberals and leftists to coexist would kill all nuance. Letting in conservatives would kill all dialogue.

I agree, lemmy is not a walled garden. What I’m saying is, lemmy is lacking an underlying design philosophy. Design should be guided by principles, rather than replicating the feel of reddit. Functionality should be created to serve human needs rather than from trying to replicate reddit functionality.

We shouldn’t look to the people of cyberspace to understand how to develop platforms, especially not the centralized parts of cyberspace. Instead we should look to the people of earthspace. The offline people. People and communities. What do they want? Or what do they say they want?

To be clear this is a criticism not targeted specifically at Lemmy, but the fediverse as a whole.

No, because its just a copy. Lemmy just takes reddit and slaps decentralization on top of it. Therefore it has the baggage of walled garden philosophy.

Something that would replace reddit is a platform that is willing to embrace the strengths of decentralization and truely design around its strengths. Design around human connectedness, community building, community collaboration, accessability (even for technically illiterate), detoxing.

Topological comment sorting
EDIT: More precise titles. The way we sort comments on lemmy today is through giving everyone the ability to up and downvote any comment. You upvote comments you want to be more visible and downvote comments you want to have less visibility. I think ranking comments are great if some opinions contribute more. Imagine the value of a comment can be determined before voting. Perhaps with a panel of judges. With rankings -10 to 10 where -10 is dangerous misinformation, 0 has no meaningful contribution and 10 is perhaps mindblowingly enlightening or empowering. # Example of lemmy style sorting Lets say a post is submitted. On the first day, it received the comments with a judges score (user, score): (monkey, 8), (zebra, -2), (horse, 5), (panda, 3), (rhino, 3). A post get the most visibility the first day. Therefore, those who post early can get a lot of votes. However on the second day, one user submitted the comment: (Flower, 9) A this point in time the post doesnt have that many voters. And the top comments has increased visibility, so for every vote flower gains, the top comment might have received another. So we end up with the final ranking: Monkey, horse, panda, flower, rhino, zebra. So it ends up only ranking similar to panda and rhino even though the score was much higher. There was a mismatch between votes and score. # Solution, the topoligical sort We should concider moving away from voting on comments individually to voting comparatively. Where you perhaps determine the most valuable comment out of a selection. Then a topological sort can put the best comment on top. So even if flower is late to the party, their insight is still spread.

I get Ben Shapiro vibes from this meme.

But is lemmy really the place you go to consume web comics though? Wouldnt you just link to a site that is tailored to reading webcomics instead?

Its about priotities. What exactly would lemmy gain from implementing scalable graphics?

Open software and media
What do you think of this article?

Yes! There’s the defeatist attitude I was looking for!

Open software are in the interest of people. People should fund these projects. But our funding model does not put emphasis on bringing the grass roots to open software, therefore we end up with neglishable funding.

Why dont open software have a proper funding model? They are one of the most popular distros for christ sake!

I cheer that the description has become independent of external social media sites like reddit😁🤟

Often times dictionaries doesnt define every word. Instead they use recursive definitions. So since they mention, oligarchy, Id look that up in the next step.

I definitely agree with this.

As I see it, people view the fediverse as the final solution to the structural problem of the internet.

I am an technoanarkist from a human perspective. I believe in the human web and the community web, where nodes represents people and communities.

The fediverse philosophy is that when you can choose your dictator, your freedom is maximized. Because people will choose the most benevolent dictator.

The fediverse takes centealized ideology and filters out the bad stuff. We feel like everything has to look and feel the same. We dont dare to reimagine.

I believe we have to stop to look to those in power and look to our communities. What do they want? What does people want? What does organizers and communities want? We should develop the web with peoples and comminities demands in mind.

I dont understand this, but it looks great though!

With a lazy implementation yes. But exploring a democratic approach to moderation could be very valuable.

Perhaps the modsystem would work like a friendgroup. How would a friend be thrown out of the group? What happens if a friend is offended? What if the offender apologize?

You make a great point about anonymity. And something I didnt really think about. We should be concious about whether to use anonymity or privacy.

Im not sure whether it’s a good idea to create a community for anonymity alone, because that would divide the community. However perhaps creating a community that encapsulates both. With a name that reflects this and encourages members to be concious about this distinction.

When you value change over personal gain.

Horrible answer. I can see you haven’t tried it just based on your comment. Also, you didn’t even answer the question.

Understand me right, tiktok is surveillance just like youtube, so it’s comparatively bad as youtube. It is centralized, it heavily relies on algorithms.

However, there is nothing wrong with the content. I have learnt a lot from using tiktok. In particular, I have received the perspective of marginalized people. The creators compete for delivering the most concise arguments.

Additionally, the tools to create videos are great. It uses elements of creative commons. Using stitching for creating debates, dueting for showing solidarity. Adding wise words from other creators on top of your juggling videos.

We should take inspiration from tiktok from what it does right. And to see that people reduce this platform to only it’s cons makes me infuriated because it does a hell of a lot right.

That is a horrible solution. If you do that you end up getting the most surface level understanding of what tiktok is. I know, because I have used both tiktok and searching for tiktok on youtube.

Centralized web: Segregated web

Decentralized web and distributed web: Social commons

Decentralized web: Community controlled web

Distributed web: People controlled web

I have one suggestion.

The fediverse is run by communities. The distributed web is run by people.

We should call the distributed web the peopleverse.

Facebook’s business model is to manipulate and study us for profit. It’s like a tobacco company. If facebook collect less data or no data, their business will collapse. The interests of facebook are opposed to the interests of the people. There’s no way for them to become ethical because their model is based on something completely unethical.

The only impact mozilla can have on facebook is to make sure that more people feel comfortable using facebook. This is done through their association with Mozilla and the creation and adoption of new orwellian terms.

In other words, Mozilla is enabling Facebook. This is hideous.

I dont really understand. It seems like Murmuration is more about searchengine indexing solution for small organizations/ people. I dont understand how this relates to a federated subscription solution?

Federated subscription service
I'm interested in a complimentary federated service for peertube and similar services. One can subscribe to creators and instances. You can't create independent posts, because it is solely made as a subscription service. However you can comment on creations. It is intended as a tool to keep track of creators you are interested in, and have a seamless experience with going from one video to the next and be able to post quick comments. I'm envisioning that this service could be distributed and serverless like Scuttlebutt. That way, there would be no signup process involved. One could then download software/ app for your phone and start adding instances and creators. To comment, one would perhaps need some verification system, like connecting your app to a user to avoid misuse. A service like this would act similar to an federated RSS, but with more flexibility. I believe a service like this would be superior to any subscription solution we have today, that be through RSS, peertube, I believe this would bring a lot of utility to the fediverse. It would make it far easier to develop new federated projects. And it would be a great gateway into the fediverse. It would make it far easier to interact with content which would make the fediverse look more populated and more exciting. If you think this is a good idea, say aye in the comments.

Hmm, very insightful.

Just because the password consist of words, doesn’t mean it’s weak. For example, ‘piercing chimney ferocious grandular menacing’ is not a weak password.

My bad. I saw freetube grabs from invidious sources, so I assumed newpipe did the same.

Its true that we should foremost support peertube, but if we use privacy shells, we still need to finance them.

This is an underestimated and undercommunicated option. Not everything has to be in a digital format just because it can be. In particular for the less tech savvy.

Of you have a securely stored notebook, you dont need to remember any password!

Beware, a few troll comments seen recently
One containing excrement, another spamming the n-word. One of them coming from https://sopuli.xyz/ I don't remember if the second one came from there as well.

Distraction free operating system
Are there any operating system designed to be as distraction free as possible? Without internet access, as few programs as possible and with a layout that is designed to be boring.

What lemmy communities are you subbed to on your mastodon/ plemora account?
I'm currently subbed to green, esperanto and lemmy.

Should Lemmy really compare themselves to others?
On the join lemmy page, we can see this description for lemmy: >Lemmy is similar to sites like Reddit, Lobste.rs, or Hacker News: you subscribe to communities you're interested in, post links and discussions, then vote and comment on them. Lemmy isn't just a reddit alternative; its a network of interconnected communities ran by different people and organizations, all combining to create a single, personalized front page of your favorite news, articles, and memes. I think we shouldn't compare lemmy to other services like hacker news, reddit and lobste.rs. By comparing ourselves to them, we will always be in their shadows instead of creating our own vision. We should create our own unique vision. We can do this simply by removing these references: >Lemmy is a network of interconnected communities ran by different people and organizations, all combining to create a single, personalized front page of your favorite news, articles, and memes. You subscribe to communities you're interested in, post links and discussions, then vote and comment on them

A comparison of the decentralization potential for email and mastodon
I was reading this post by Alyssa Rosenzweig and found it to be a very enjoyable read. https://rosenzweig.io/blog/the-federation-fallacy.html Rosenzweig tells us that although we have created federated social media, we should expect them to centralize. That is what has happened to email and empirical data demonstrates that this is happening for mastodon as well. To be clear, this post was made in march 2019 and I am not aware whether she has changed her opinion. The current state of decentralization within the mastodon ecosystem may also have changed. I will challenge the statement that email and mastodon has an equal potential to decentralize the web. Which is not explicitly said in the post, but which I feel is a sentiment. I will talk about mastodon here for the sake of making the talk less abstract. This text will be applicable to other fediverse social infrastructures as well. # Introduction We like to compare email and mastodon to showcase the flexibility that is lacking in centralized social media. This comparison is valuable because it makes these concepts much more understandable for newcomers. However, treating email and mastodon as equal forces in the fight for decentralization is inappropriate. # Differences between email and mastodon It is important to emphasize a core difference between email and mastodon. The **community element**. Although email and mastodon are federated and decentralized, email doesn't have a community element. Email only connects you to those you follow whereas mastodon is designed to connect you to your community and your federation. How easy it is to self host is the **selfhostability**. Is it easy to install? Is it resource demanding? Is it possible to pay others to run the service? The better the selfhostability, the more people will be able to do it. It is essential for the decentralization potential. # Different mentalities There are two mentalities. The globalization mentality and the community mentality. Those with a **globalization mentality** view an instance just like an email provider. They want to subscribe to exactly the users they are interested in and that's it. The community element doesn't really matter to them because they don't join an instance based on a theme. They could perhaps be interested in mastodon.social or mas.to. Those with a **community mentality** will seek instances based on the community element of an instance. Those with a community mentality are more likely to subscribe to instances with strong themes. They could perhaps be interested in gensokyo.social, dolphin.town or meow.social. # Understanding the decentralization potential To understand the decentralization potential for each of these solutions, we need to understand: - who will feel compelled to host the solution. - how will users elect their providers. By doing this, we can determine the decentralization potential. # Email user The email user has a globalization mentality and will judge an email provider by pricing, security and other technical criterias. Nobody choose email provider based on community. Centralized actors has a much greater advantage of hosting when they only needs to focus on the technical aspects. They can push the prices down and all their spending can easily be advertised. Low risk, high reward. The selfhostability of email is a technical nightmare or from what I've heard. You gain autonomy, but there is low community reward. High risk, low reward. Based on this analysis, we should expect users to flock to centralized solutions. # Mastodon user If the mastodon user has a globalization mentality, the users are most attracted to big instances. They have most likely been active on twitter and just interested in a replacement rather than actual structural change. Perhaps they view bigger instances as more sustainable. They are disinterested in thematic instances because that would arbitrarily limit speech. If the mastodon user has a community mentality they will gravitate towards instances with a strong local or federated culture. They believe that as instances grows big, it stops being an interconnected community. They value small and thematic and value good moderation. Mastodon can be very risky for centralized actors as it requires involvement in the community. Often times it can come at shareholders, electorate or userbase expense. We can see this all the time with various mastodon.social, twitter and facebook contraversies. It can conceivably be done right and in that case, the rewards could be great. But definitely not ideal for all centralized actors. High risk, variable reward. How is mastodon's selfhostability? You can allow others to run your instance through Masto Host or Spacebear Federation. And the code is designed to be easy to install. If operating systems such as yunohost properly supports the mastodon app, this will also increase the selfhostability. # So will Mastodon be a force for decentralization? Mastodon could easily become centralized if enough people have the globalization mentality and selfhosting remains unaccessable/unused. Corporate actors can easily capitalize on the globalization mentality. On the other side... If we can shape the masses into having community mentalities. If we can shape development to improve selfhostability. If we can create enthusiasm for digital freedom on the ground. The future will be decentralized. CC BY 🧡

A good mentality for a blooming fediverse
We have yet to see the pioneers of the fediverse. Both in terms of development and culturally. But in order to ensure that these pioneers will flourish, we need to have the right mindset. A mindset that will ensure that our energy is spent as well as possible. Developers should not limit their production to clones of existing centralized platforms. That is not to say that the development of platforms such as peertube and mastodon as meaningless. They have been necessary to prove that decentralization can take place. The point is rather, that we should shift our focus away from the mindset of replacing centralized solutions. Instead we should move towards an empirical approach of understanding the social demand. Influencers should acknowledge how decentralization is about community building rather than concentration of attention. There is no longer a drive toward mindlessly chasing ever increasing follower rates and view counts. Influencers should be aware of how creative use of decentralized and libre tools can establish a strong foundation for blooming communities.

Decentralized Single Sign-on
The decentralization of Single Sign-on seems like a natural step in improving usability and accessability of the fediverse. It will require a lot less account and make it far easier to interact with content. Are there anybody working on this?

Smart phone apps to record and edit simultaniously
So I've been using tiktok for a while and I really like the feature of recording and editing videos simultaneously. Here's the process: First you set how long you want the video to be and whether to add audio. Second, adjust the inputs for the next clip and record. Repeat this step until finished. It requires only two clicks to discard a clip. Third, you can insert additional effects such as text, voiceover, adjust clips, filter and stickers. Fourth, create a description and set how you want people to interact with the content. Stitching, dueting, comments. Optional, you can start the creation process through interaction for example through dueting, stitching and video commenting. # My suggestion I want to see see libre software that takes inspiration from this process. Making it easier to create creative low effort videos. Saving the videos as files so that it is easy to use them exactly like you want to use them. In particular, this will help decentralized video sharing. Have the option to save as a format that explicitly state what license it is under and what types of interactions you accept. If the video is rendering content from another video, an appropriate subset of that content will be stored in the format as well.

Idea for word processing software
Looking for a word processing software where it's much easier to set up your styles. There are several modes. Design mode let you set style properties. You can change font size with slider, edit html code, edit style name. You have many ways of selecting colors. You can set style shortcuts. You can save design to use on other documents. Content mode ignores what paper you write on. It is only intended to show the content. This mode has little layout to remove distractions. You can however easily move between other documents. When you are finished writing, you can adjust the content so that it flows correctly. Don't know if it make sense to have it's own mode for this.

Privacy International Peertube channel
I just found this peertube society, seems like they have a lot of good content. Activism, interviews, podcasts, privacy edutainment. Go check 'em out. Give them a sub on mastodon. Give 'em some love:)

Download videos from twitter
I'm looking for a way to download videos from twitter. I'd prefer if it is lightweight, perhaps using terminal.

I'm using an addon called Tab Manager Plus as side panel to manage tabs and windows. I'm also using bookmarks and RSS as syndication. Currently, I can't view both tabs and bookmarks at the same time. Newsblur is managing my syndication so I have to navigate to their site instead of having it being accessable in my side panel. The tabs on the top of the browser are also redundant while using TMP. I'd like to have panel management in my browser similar to Visual Studio. Where tabs, bookmarks and feed can be moved to a single sidebar. Is this kind of setup possible in Firefox? Does the solution already exist? If it isn't possible on Firefox, are there other browsers out there that allows this kind of setup?

Video navigation software
I'm looking for software that can quickly navigate a single long video. I will be using this to analyze buildings. Key features would be: . super fast forward/backwards. . some kind of thumbnails for each fraction of the video. . option to run on average/ lowspec computer.

Social media should embrace creative commons
To get our heads around how good decentralized social media can get, lets just look at creative commons. Let me explain how powerful creative commons can be. **Tiktok as inspiration** Tiktok is a video sharing platform. A creator can post a video and decide how people can interact with it. For example, I can allow people to use my singing on their video. Or I can allow people to use a clip from my video in theirs. Or I can allow people to add their own video clip right next to mine. This leads to some amazing videos. I have seen a band playing along with a howling dog. I have seen great debunking of intuitive talking points. I have seen awkwardly awesome dialogues. Theatrical lipsync performances. And amazing skills with audio from another creator about wisdom. It is also designed to make it easy to navigate between those who has interacted. If I want to see what other videos has used the same audio, I can click the sound. If I want to check out the person being responded to, I can get there with one click. As with creative commons, tiktok makes it easy to interact with other people. They give us flexibility of social interaction. But let's be clear. Tiktok content isn't creative commons. And they are still a walled garden with all the negative that comes with it. But I believe that this platform can be used as inspiration when creating other platforms. **Creative Commons + Federation = ❤️** Federation makes platforms and pods interconnected and connected through communities rather than algorithms. When CC has attribution license, we can make it very easy to navigate between content as well. Idk, I can't end this post properly. But I got this off my chest. Waddaya think?

An addon I’d like to see
Tabs often gets very cluttered. But I know which tabs that I always want to stay open. Email, social media, RSS feed, messenging. In short navigation tabs where you are only in the home screen. So when you press a link in the management tab, it is opened in the content window. Or something along those lines. Whaddaya think?

Suggestions to open source cross platform RSS readers to popularize the fediverse
Or possibly other solutions that are easy for regular people to wrap their heads around and that also preserves their digital rights.

Using RSS to popularize decentralization
I want decentralized services to become mainstream, but it is understandable that people are hesitant. Signing up for new services takes some time and requires password management which many people doesn't take as seriously as they should. Any pod could also be discontinued for various reasons. We should advocate RSS because as long as we make the process of using the right reader easy, it is a very convenient way of staying updated on the newest peertube juggling videos, mobilizon hackathon events or pixelfed handstands photos. We just need to find RSS readers that are cross platform and preserves the users digital rights. That way it is much easier to convince people to join in on the fediverse. This solution will also give more attention to RSS, which is decentralized and ethical as well.