With Fediverse going mainstream and corporate interests aplenty, it is very important to promote SocialHub and the FEP process, so that there's higher chance of keeping the fedi open and accessible to anyone. Anyone can help in this regard.

A video exploring the brief history of scheduling posts as a feature on Mastodon, in which ways it has been implemented, and progress being made to implement it. [YouTube Link](

Friendica 2022.12 released – friendica
Tobias | 20. December 2022 We are very happy to announce the avail-ability of the new stable version of Friendica. Wrapping up the sprint from the 2022.10 release of Friendica we closed 73 filed issues and had almost 300 pull requests by 19 contributors.

Very interesting article tooted by author [Alek Tarkowski](

Contribute to Fediverse curated lists of the Delightful Club
The Fediverse going mainstream is ablaze with new developer activities. Many new projects are starting. I am co-maintaining 3 lists, part of the [delightful project]( (this is similar to Github Awesome lists, but only for FOSS, Open Data and Open Science, and without sponsored ads) and can need your help to keep the lists up-to-date. Find a new project or an entry that needs updating? Please PR to one of the following repositories: - - - The apps and ActivityPub resources from these lists will be hand-picked for inclusion in [Fediverse Party]( website. And the lists are auto-compiled into the [Delightful Club]( website. If you want to become part of the Delightful Club and maintain a sub-list on a subject of your choice, then [file an issue]( to the top-level ist.

Not sure why, but I feel this might be related to the Fediverse :)

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So how does the fediverse work in regards to lemmy?
Who else do they federation with?

The activity of the SocialHub community, like all other 'fediverse-substrate' bodies, has waned. From an active community to just a forum. Now a decision has to be made for the future of SocialHub. The options are stopping, be just a forum, or revitalize a vibrant community. The last option needs people willing and committed to do so. To step up for the sake of Fediverse Futures.

cross-posted from: > The EU via their Horizons Europe program, the [Next Generation Internet]( (where e.g. NLnet are associated) (NGI Initiative) are the biggest funders of the [free software projects]( that comprise the fedi. Without their support fedi wouldn't be what it is now. > > The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) recently [launched a pilot]( to have both a Peertube and Mastodon instance on the Fediverse, hashtagged #EUVideo and #EUVoice respectively. On these servers official European Commission related institutions as well as individuals working at the EC can have their accounts. > > This recognition of the Fediverse and the interest that exists in entering our decentralized social networking environment is an important development. With success of the pilot there will undoubtedly be a follow-up and more initiatives to come. First results until now is that the parties that 'test the waters' are very happy on the kinds of interactions and quality of discussions they encounter on the Fediverse. > > That is no wonder, of course. Fediverse offers **social networking** that is more personal and friendly, than corporate social media which is about 'broadcasting' and influencing. > > Current pilot can be a ramp up to something much bigger: > > #### Fediverse: United in Diversity > > A social networking technology where _everyone_ can find their place and participate, that is not controlled by Big Tech and commercial corporate interests. For the European Commission there is the opportunity to passionately put their support behind fostering **"The European Take On Social Networking"**. Fediverse aligns to the NGI Initiative who envision an [Internet for Humans]( > > ##### How you can help > > To progress towards this vision it is important for the EU/EC pilot to be a success. As fedizen you can help with this. Here are a couple of ways to offer your support: > > → **Follow, boost, favourite the [EUVoice accounts]( on Mastodon and [EUVideo]( Peertube videos.** > > - These early adopter accounts are _still learning_ how the Fediverse works, what the culture is and e.g. how we value accessibility and image captions. You can help them discover. > - Many accounts are still Twitter bridges and broadcast only. Some others respond and interact with fedizens, notably [@EC_OSPO](, [@EDPS]( and [@EC_NGI]( The operators of the Twitter bridges don't know what the value of Fediverse is to them, and if they should spend time with us. All reactions by us are monitored, so we can help them here. > - There are people giving highly toxic reactions to almost any EC-related toot. There are many things to be critical about. Politics is about the discussion of these issues, and good arguments help more than toxicity. Here we have opportunity to show we are different than the cesspit that Twitter is. > - Do not expect too much, too soon. There is a complex organization structure at the EC, and given the politically sensitive nature all communications are weighed carefully and undergo multiple levels of approval. Plans move slowly, but they are in motion. > > → **Let's give the fedi accounts more followers than they have on Twitter, if possible.** > > - For instance the [Director General of Informatics at DG DIGIT](, Veronica Gaffey, has 191 fedi followers in short time, while [on Twitter]( she has 279 followers. > > → **If you are on Twitter, then help encourage EC institutions to also have an account on EUVoice.** > > - A notable example is the [European Parliament]( Respond to their tweets and name-drop the fedi as THE place to be. > > → **We are gathering a group of volunteers on [SocialHub]( that can [help train EC representatives]( in how to use the Fediverse effectively and understand its culture.** > > - The activities we do here, starting later this year, stand to benefit any administration or institution interested to join the Fediverse, not just EU representatives. > > --- > > This post is also [cross-posted]( to the [Social Coding Movement]( that is dedicated among others to establish a Peopleverse on top of the fedi. Social Coding is not yet officially launched.

And also tooted in

Federated, free, and/or open source software will not be chosen over proprietary software unless they overcome this hurdle.
cross-posted from: > # Innovation requires resources > Innovation happens wherever we put our efforts towards. The space race and the technologies it gave us is an example. Finding ways of reducing the cost of production of commodities is another. The green transition is another example. > > These are the bounds that determine how innovation happens in federated social networks. They will only innovate when there is enough effort put towards them. Beyond technical innovation (perhaps in a TOR kind-of-network way, or in a Git kind-of-version-control way), a full-fledged piece of software that is effective and attractive enough for people to use, takes resources. > > These resources largely refer to labor power. Remember, we're not talking about maintenance costs, but development costs. Programmers require money to survive. > > # FLOSS is no exception > > Yes, FLOSS software can survive with volunteers, but even those volunteers have to pay their bills. Yes, the internet plus (as Bruce Schneier defines it), copyleft licenses, and already-existing technical know-how reduce the cost of production, but the costs are there nonetheless. Someone needs to do the work. > > I think about open source projects I admire. Diaspora received exceptional funding, relative to its goals. Signal was heavily funded by donations. Element has a business model that lets them work towards improving Matrix. Linux has many companies that depend on it and are able to finance innovation on it. > > This argument, applied to Lemmy, makes me wonder. How do Nutomic and Dessalines handle it? Are they precious exceptions that drive Lemmy forward because of their personal values and their willingness to use their technical know-how for the development of this platform? Will Lemmy thrive without them? > > This brings me to another point: FLOSS and federated software has the advantage that many people are willing to spend their time working towards laudable goals. They are not motivated by profit as much as improving humanity. > > # FLOSS has a problem that others systematically address: making things attractive > > The issue with FLOSS projects is that they mainly respond to thought-out worldviews. That is, people are willing to engage with this kind of software because of logical reasons (*logos*, as Aristotle and those guys would call it). It is rarer to have people engage with FLOSS and federated software because of emotions (*pathos*). > > Unfortunately for humans, we are emotional creatures. I get put off by how unattractive the Free Software Foundation's website is, despite loving the values that the foundation stands for. I get put off by using terminals, despite the fact that plenty of FLOSS software does not have GUIs. I hate Thunderbird's calendar, despite using it daily. > > Companies with investors and FLOSS projects with enough funding know this and therefore pay graphical designers, user experience experts, and sometimes market researchers to make products attractive. This takes money. > > # Conclusion > > And that brings us back to my point: for free software to be *chosen* by most people, it has to have enough labor behind it to make it both effective and attractive. This is the hurdle it needs to be overcome. > > ## Notes on my sources > > These are reflections that arose after a series of conversations with a friend who works at an 'innovation office'. His job is explicitly to design an 'innovation ecosystem', which attempts to create innovation with minimal investment. Everyone at that office knows this is bullshit. Innovation rarely comes without money. Therefore, they basically look for investors for projects that don't have enough money. That's it. > > This view, that innovation requires investment, is shared by Anwar Shaikh and classical economics. > > However, it's more complicated with the research behind innovation. > > Let's take 'platforms of innovation'. For example, cosmopolitan cities, the internet, and universities are hubs of innovation. However, it's a mistake to think that these are 'neutral' in terms of costs. All of them require operational costs. All of them imply costs of technical training. Even here, there are costs that cannot be ignored. > > If we look at mission-oriented innovation, the situation becomes clearer. Universities doing cancer-related research, States doing green energy-related research, or companies doing market-related research all clearly align with the argument I made above. > > Finally, it's perfectly possible that the argument I made above is not at all original. In fact, I doubt it is. If anything, it could be similar to a high-school student discovering their own proof of the pythagorean theorem: it's not new for the community of knowers who already know it, but it's new from the point of view of the student. At least I get to share this with you and hear your thoughts about it. > > Oh, and given that Lemmy doesn't have terms of service yet, I wanted to make sure I could share this in the future. I licensed it under a [Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License]( Weird. I know. Oh well. At least you get to share it without fear!

Forge Federation Needs Your Help 🤗 🚀 Join the [forge federation]( matrix chatroom, or the (less active) [gitea federation]( room.

!["This is fine" meme. First frame: "lol, as if we need more social tech". Second frame: "This is fine. They are not fedi".](

Note: Responses on cross-posted threads may be missed. The best way to indicate your interest is to reply to the SocialHub forum topic, or alternatively on the [Fediverse announcement here](

Content mirroring will be a big problem
Few days ago I discovered that any time you follow a fediverse account on a different instance than your one, the server you are on mirrors the original content of any toot/post, and I think this is a huge issue, because then every Fediverse server/instance could quickly get overloaded from contents from other servers! Am I right? I've always thought that toots/posts from other instances were just "empty shells" retrieving the content on demand.

Do we have a need for a good **#Botiquette** that can also be enforced or encouraged by the various social apps of the Fediverse? What are your ideas and considerations? Add them to the referenced Fediverse Futures SocialHub topic if you want them to be part of technical elaboration, if/when it comes to that. See also my toot at:

I recently started thinking again about the [Social knowledge fabrics]( discussion, and it seems to me that one of the biggest obstacles for fedi to become one is the following. The things we refer to as "threads" are actually "branches of a tree". You have a trunk, basically the whole fedi, each post is a branch, each branch can itself ramify into branches, but all the branches stay independent. It would be useful if a discussion branch was not only shaped like a thread, but also had the usefulness of one : sewing, or tying together different discussion topics. Sometimes I think again about an old discussion when participating in a new one, and so I cite it. But this message is still fundamentally part of the new discussion, while the newly established link should be of equal interest to participants of both threads. What we miss is for that message to be part of both conversations, or a clear way to automatically signify to both threads that something new happens. Of course, this can be done by hand, writing a comment in each cited branch to point to the new one. But we won't remeber to do that everytime, or we will not want to "necrobump", or we just don't want to make the extra effort. So it would be interesting if the relations were established automatically. For example the way I proposed for Friendica's quote-shares in the linked URL, or the way GitHub handles issue that cite each other. Maybe two old topics will come to know about each other that way, effectively being sewed by the new thread.

How can we develop free software sustainably? After discussion on Mastodon, I found these criteria were most wanted by the community that was willing to engage me there: - Accessibility of any scheme should match or even be greater than the accessibility of contributing to free software is today. - Decentralization of decision making. Any scheme shouldn't require loyalty to some organization, person or persons. - Independence of Big Tech. Any scheme should work with or without the consent of Big Tech.

The lack of deeper integrations between different app types and the federated identity issue (every instance their own signup and user acccount) form significant barrier to widespread collaboration is my general observation. For instance in any well-received toot with a link to a [SocialHub]( forum topic on average no one takes the effort to respond on SocialHub. Mostly the discussion remains microblogging, and then it sinks into history when activity peters out. The insights and collective knowledge isn't gathered and lost.

Elementary my dear Watson, namely ...

On the new [Discuss Social Coding]( (that has not officially launched yet) I posted some notes on a particular challenge the fedi imho faces, that hampers adoption and poses growing risks in the future if not dealt with appropriately. The notes leave a lot of things I've been looking deeper into unmentioned, but you may find them interesting nonetheless.

Topological comment sorting
EDIT: More precise titles. The way we sort comments on lemmy today is through giving everyone the ability to up and downvote any comment. You upvote comments you want to be more visible and downvote comments you want to have less visibility. I think ranking comments are great if some opinions contribute more. Imagine the value of a comment can be determined before voting. Perhaps with a panel of judges. With rankings -10 to 10 where -10 is dangerous misinformation, 0 has no meaningful contribution and 10 is perhaps mindblowingly enlightening or empowering. # Example of lemmy style sorting Lets say a post is submitted. On the first day, it received the comments with a judges score (user, score): (monkey, 8), (zebra, -2), (horse, 5), (panda, 3), (rhino, 3). A post get the most visibility the first day. Therefore, those who post early can get a lot of votes. However on the second day, one user submitted the comment: (Flower, 9) A this point in time the post doesnt have that many voters. And the top comments has increased visibility, so for every vote flower gains, the top comment might have received another. So we end up with the final ranking: Monkey, horse, panda, flower, rhino, zebra. So it ends up only ranking similar to panda and rhino even though the score was much higher. There was a mismatch between votes and score. # Solution, the topoligical sort We should concider moving away from voting on comments individually to voting comparatively. Where you perhaps determine the most valuable comment out of a selection. Then a topological sort can put the best comment on top. So even if flower is late to the party, their insight is still spread.

This video is meant moreso to serve as a pitch to those who are already interested in promoting these values. The focus is really on giving more organization to free culture projects and initiatives. Really what’s needed more than anything else is drive, but if you have any skills or projects you’d like to share, let us know. If PeerTube isn't working, the video is also hosted on YouTube:

cross-posted from: []( wonderful article highlights many points that need to be explored, challenges to be tackled, for healthy [Fediverse Futures]( ... > Over the years, I've been studying a handful of different fediverse platforms that bring a lot of interesting concepts to the table. > > As someone that has studied and [reported on]( the developments of these various systems, I've decided to put together a summary of things I'd like to one day put into my own federated platform, should I ever develop enough brainpower to actually develop one.

Starting with the posted link and in more recent discussions of [Standardising on ActivityPub Groups]( I have been advocating for some time to make "Community" a native concept of the Fediverse. Something that better represents communities in the real world: groups and individuals with intricate social relationships between them. Why? The following [toot by @cicatriz_jdr]( provides one reason: ![Nerdy man in shirt with beer in hand on a party explains the Fediverse to a woman.]( _**""... and these 'instances' are all on separate servers, so it's totally decentralized. but posts on one instance 'federate' with other instances, except when they don't, which basically half the time. now here's where it gets tricky...""**_ And the [follow-up by @throwawaygiraffoid]( is more hilarious even: _**"THERAPIST: And those ""instances"" are they ""federating"" with us right now?"**_ With a community-native fedi you can avoid talking on the INFRASTRUCTURE level.. ## Fediverse: Peopleverse! ##### _"Yes, the Fediverse is an online world-wide social space where there are numerous communities where you can meet people. They all have different themes and activities and you just join where lies your interest. Or create your own community for your friends and family on whatever has your passion."_

Interesting developments to bring Podcasting domain to the Fediverse. Check it out and add your related resources and/or experiences with the projects.

Federated subscription service
I'm interested in a complimentary federated service for peertube and similar services. One can subscribe to creators and instances. You can't create independent posts, because it is solely made as a subscription service. However you can comment on creations. It is intended as a tool to keep track of creators you are interested in, and have a seamless experience with going from one video to the next and be able to post quick comments. I'm envisioning that this service could be distributed and serverless like Scuttlebutt. That way, there would be no signup process involved. One could then download software/ app for your phone and start adding instances and creators. To comment, one would perhaps need some verification system, like connecting your app to a user to avoid misuse. A service like this would act similar to an federated RSS, but with more flexibility. I believe a service like this would be superior to any subscription solution we have today, that be through RSS, peertube, I believe this would bring a lot of utility to the fediverse. It would make it far easier to develop new federated projects. And it would be a great gateway into the fediverse. It would make it far easier to interact with content which would make the fediverse look more populated and more exciting. If you think this is a good idea, say aye in the comments.

Super Smash FOSS
cross-posted from: > An open source, smash style fighting game, it could use mascots from foss projects (just like [SuperTuxKart]( do). > > Since there are some SSB knockoffs being released ([All-Star](, [MultiVersus](, why not make one that is actually good? I think it would be pretty cool :)

With [Feneas shutting down]( the [Fediverse Party]( website by [@lightone]( needed a new home, and so too did the 3 ActivityPub watchlists that existed in the repository wiki. I am happy to announce that all of them have been migrated to [Codeberg]( With the new and fantastic [Codeberg Pages]( the website is still at the same location. The watchlists however have been migrated to the [delightful project](, so update your bookmarks:

Federation has potential in a VR-chat-esque game.

### Open Webinar, 19 January 2022 at 10.00 UTC+1 What if you could **easily collaborate with any free software project**, no matter where it is hosted? Use the Github UI to discuss issues on a remote Gitea code forge project. Send a Merge Request from Gitlab to Github. Have you and your team members, all your project contributors, everyone working from their own favourite environment. Use your code forge of choice to collaborate. **Just like you also freely choose your email provider to communicate with others**. This is the objective and vision that the [forgefriends community]( is working hard to realize. Its members, all forge friends, strive to allow seamless interoperability between code forges by adding federation support. Using the Fediverse and open standards such as ActivityPub and DVCS they will enable free software development to liberate itself from centralized platforms that lock projects in with their network effects and FOMO. In this webinar you will learn about the importance of forge federation, and what it means to be "a friend of code forges". The various community projects are introduced, with brief explanation how they work and what is on the roadmap. Anyone is highly **encouraged to contribute and become a forge friend** too. Each presentation is followed by a Q&A session where you can ask the presenter how you can jump in. ### Agenda - [**Forge federation:** An overview from 10,000 feet]( by Loïc Dachary - [**Go-Fed:** ActivityPub and ForgeFed foundations in Golang]( by cjslep - [**ForgeFlux:** Using forge API's and adapters to interoperate]( by Aravinth Manivannan - [**Gitea:** Update and plans for adding federation support]( by techknowlogick - [**Forgefriends:** Contributing an incremental import/export to Gitea]( by Loïc Dachary - [**Funding** Free Software projects in a transparent way](

cross-posted from: > So I spend little more than half an hour and just [tooted an image]( I created with some of the hashtags we brainstormed at [Fediverse Town]( This version is higher-res, licensed CC0. > > <small>_(Created in [Inkscape]( using [this CC0 vector image]( **#FediVolution** hashtag credit [@PaulaToThePeople](, **#FediverseRising** by me.)_</small> > > ![#FediverseRising2022, Join the #Fedivolution, Be You, Be Free, Be Alive]( > >![#FediverseRising2022, Join the #Fedivolution, Be You, Be Free, Be Alive (Rainbow version)](

## Web of Agency Yesterday [I was inspired]( to come up with a new definition to set the web we build on with the Fediverse apart from the old, traditional web. And I [just posted]( a follow-up. The **Web of Agency** is one that empowers people, and where they can be in control of their life, their freedom and their destiny. A place where society can flourish online. It takes social interaction beyond mere discussions, and offers a place where humans can **Act** and do things together. It is an _active_-interactive **Peopleverse**. > [**Agency** (philosophy)]( > > - _the capacity of an actor to act in a given environment._ > - _an individual engaging with the [social structure]( > > [**Agency** (sociology)]( > > - _the capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free [choices]( > - _one's independent capability or ability to act on one's [ will]( ## Social Fabric ![A beautiful fabric from India]( I see a lot of fedizens (rightfully) complaining how blockchain / cryptocurrency movement have hijacked and co-opted the Decentralization movement. They try to make themself be seen as Web 3.0 and use the #Web3 hashtag broadly. To those not knowing much about the technology side of things it seems that: > **Decentralization** _equals_ **Web3** _equals_ **Blockchain**. And yes, this is super frustrating as it detracts from the many other initiatives that are better and more feasible, less crazy than the blockchain Wild West hype train, or tulip craze. In a response just now to one of these complaints I pose that we need our own new Hashtag. We have #Fediverse already, but we need a broader category similar to #Web3 to encompass our branch of the #decentralization movement that we are part of with fedi. I'll quote [my toots]( here: > I think we need our own new word, and a word that still stands upon [#decentralization]( A word we commonly use, and makes it clear that [#web3]( is just another fork of decentralization. > >And I mean Web3 has zero inspirational value, right? The 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 etc. versioning scheme has become entirely meaningless. > >We should be able to come up with something better for our own [#commons]( branch of The Decentralized Web. We have a bunch of hashtags for desired characteristics already. [#SmallWeb](, [#Weblite](, [#CalmTech](, etc. > > This here [#Fediverse]( is about doing [#Social]( right this time, agree? [#SocialNetworkingReimagined]( > > Why do we need [#Web]( even? It's where a spider catches flies. > >We could be [**#SocialFabric**]( > >Fabrics are things of human creation. Cloth. Intricate beauty woven by people, artisans, craftsmen. Then when we create social fabric apps we know they wield the fediverse. > >[#Fediverse]( is where different things can be interconnected to create something bigger than the sum of its individual parts. > >We have most of the capabilities of the [#ActivityPub]( open standards still largely unexplored. Potential not yet tapped into fully. We touched the tip of the iceberg and created federated Microblogging fabric. > >Now let's extend that to the full range of human activity and in ways where online world truly enriches the real world. > >We just weave. I have cross-posted this to [Fediverse town]( <small>_(image credit [HTNovo](, CC BY-SA)_</small>

I just created this on Fediverse Town, inspired by [Alja's toot]( and [Houkime's Fedijams]( In [my own toot]( just now, I added: > #Fediverse, while we shaped a great place to be, we are sitting ducks for disruption by corporates where Metaverses are now the talk of the day. > >We need broad vision to move forward, to ensure our relevance into the future, to inspire and become more united in our quest. We do a lot of talking and we could do with more walking. Coordinated action. > >I might be dreamy or crazy, but am afraid we squander the huge potential we have. >Let's build worlds, my fellow fedizens.

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Federated Game Store
I organize Fedijams. Like this one These are foss jams and they try to use fediverse and Matrix for promotion and coordination, but they still have one proprietary tool in the loop:, a game store. This is a problem for jams not only by being an ideological incoherency: it is practical too. People seem to be uncomfortable/shy to even hit the join button there (it requires an account), often opting in to just join our [matrix chat] ( And other people who see the low count are less interested as a result. So, i thought, that for federated game developers, at least for jammers, something much better needed, safer to use and adaptable for specific needs and culture. ## A Federated Gamestore ### What is the bare usable minimum? * Ability to upload games. * Ability to host jams (event scheduling, submitting games and rating) * No federation. Yes, for FediJams even just a self-hostable gamestore would be useful. But just that will be very poor and unappealing. ### Self-respecting minimum: * Decorating game pages * Decorating jam pages * Not being spartan The last one is very important for games and gamestores. The concept of game is about joy and having a good relaxed time. Also, by looking at non-spartan Misskey, i have noticed much more mainstream people. On federated foss network. ### Basic federated configuration: * Jam federation: between servers, with Mobilizon, and with Masto/Pleroma/Misskey * Federated game and jam comments * Federated game search ### QoL: * Search by license * Jam tagging * Explore better jam interest gauges that just 'joins'. federation might help with that. ### Life: * Payments? * Donation integration? ## Making this happen Some days ago i started a fork of Game Jolt game store. Upstream Game Jolt (MIT license) has a ton tracking built in and i also temporary curbed realtime communication/streams that will be the hardest thing to support (after potential payments?) and will need a lot of redesign anyway. Using Game Jolt frontend as a base provides a lot of visual polish, page editing and anti-spartancy out of the box, and those things seem to be the most difficult and most limiting to get for foss projects. But Game Jolt does not provide the server, so this one i need to write myself (I am looking at peertube as a reference/template). The frontend does provide though database models ^_^

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    We need a more holistic approach to fedi development and evolution. We need product designers, graphics artists, UX / UI / Interaction designers, futurists and visionaries to join the dev folks. Everyone is encouraged to join here and enrich our views on what Fediverse can be with diverse and different viewpoints, and to stimulate brainstorming, creativity, thinking out-of-the-box and crazy, wild ideas.

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