Mobile and desktop app development
How to develop a Python based app for PostmarketOS that can run also in Linux Linux environments - is there a well documented how to?

Issues Installing PMOS Onto Nexus 5
I'm trying to install PostmarketOS onto my Nexus 5 but when I type "pmbootstrap init" into my terminal I get "command not found". It is installed through the AUR on my Garuda system. When I type "pmbootstrap --version" I get back "1.42.0" so it seems to be installed and detected. Any ideas ?

Battery Life Question
I currently only use PostmarketOS on my Pinephone CE and PineTab. On the Pinephone CE I find I can sometimes go from a full charge to 50% or less within 4-5 hours which is keeping it from being my daily driver. I know this is still being worked on but for anyone who has used PostmarketOS on other devices, is there a phone you could recommend that would give me about 11 hours of life between charges ? My main uses are FluffyChat; Tootle and light web browsing ? I usually use Phosh if that matters.

Call audio working on Poco F1 - What does it mean for OnePlus 6?
On [Soc Wiki]( there's notice that > Call audio requires the q6voice kernel driver which is in the process of being ported. Recently [LinMob Announced]( that > Call audio routing now works in postmarketOS edge on the Xiaomi Poco F1!. Caleb commented 1 month ago on relevant [pmaports issue]( > 5.17-dev kernel branch has working call audio for the kernel side! Kernel 5.17 is currently used on edge. Today, what does it mean for OnePlus 6?

Please do not ask here if we could port your device. We won’t go and buy your device just to do the port. But you can try porting yourself, it is not that hard and we will help you wherever you get stuck in the chat. If that is not an option for you, consider sending a device to a community member who agrees to do the porting for you (check the milestones) or simply add it to the wish list.

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