Anyone else been getting “connection failed due to unknown reason.” all day?
"Unable to connect to ProtonVPN: ProtonVPN connection failed due to unknown reason."




Looking for a nice wallpaper for your desktop? Protonmail has quite a few available on their site, plus some other graphics and icons

**Headers:** - 1. Protonmail Behaves like a CIA/NSA “Honeypot” - 2. Protonmail Does Not Provide “End to End Encryption” - 3. Protonmail’s Was Created Under CIA/NSA Oversight - 4. Protonmail is Part Owned by CRV and the Swiss Government - 5. CRV, In-Q-Tel & the CIA - 6. Protonmail Follows CIA Email format & Metadata Requirements - 7. Swiss MLAT Law Could Give the NSA Full Access - 8. Protonmail Uses Radware for DNS/DDOS Protection - 9. Protonmail Developers Do Not Use Protonmail - 10. Protonmail engages in illegal cyberwarfare - 11. Protonmail has a history of Dishonesty.

Is there a way to export my ProtonMail account data?
I like to archive important emails offline. Is there a way to export the data from ProtonMail?

CTemplar: Armored Email | World’s Most Secure Email
CTemplar. A new competitor to Protonmail?

Finally got around to installing Protonmail Bridge and setting it up to work with Geary on Ubuntu... Took me a little while to figure out that the bridge uses a custom password.. (the setup instructions didn't mention that)

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