Might be helpful to f-droid users to know what others are installing so here’s some of mine.

Web & email

  • Fennec basically firefox for android with proprietary blobs removed

  • K-9 Mail

social networking apps

  • Fedilab to browse mastodon, find it’s long press options really convenient for accounts across multiple instances. You can also use it for stuff like friendica but I find that awkward since it’s still using a UI meant for twitter-likes.

  • lemmur for lemmy and RedReader for Reddit

media/document viewers

  • NewPipe to stream youtube.

  • AntennaPod to subscribe and listen to podcasts

  • VLC, the Swiss army knife of media playback. Can play pretty much any local file and supports streaming(IPTV and the like) via m3u files.

  • Librera PRO for epubs, PDF, cbz ect

Misc android utils

  • AnySoftKeyboard virtual keyboard/ime with suggestions

  • Apk Extractor

  • Aurora Store to update webview

  • G-Droid an f-droid client with a UI I like and it supports reviews via a mastodon account.

  • KDE Connect for various linux desktop integration things

  • Lawnchair is what I use as my home screen app

  • Material Files file manager, find it to be more stable than amaze and it can extract several varieties of tar.* files as well as compressing 7z/tar.xz/zip.

  • RHVoice tts engine with English and Russian support and TTS Util which I can input text which RHVoice will use

  • Termux terminal emulator with packages


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  • Lessgoo
    33 years ago

    My keyboard is florisboard(the beta version). Its incredible!