The user has basic computer literacy, which is why having auto updates is something they’d like for the convenience. Addons are needed for uBlock Origins and such.

Having used Firefox for so many years, I honestly haven’t a clue. Should i go with just vanilla Chromium? Or are there better options? Thanks in advance, Lemmy.

  • @onlooker@lemmy.mlOP
    13 years ago

    Hm, will keep this in mind, thank you. To be perfectly honest, neither Vivaldi or Brave sound appealing. I was kind of hoping there was a noob and privacy friendly Chromium-based browser out there, since everyone I know seems to be in love with Chrome for whatever reason, but there always seem to be a gotcha no matter which you choose.

    There was the recent Brave fiasco and Vivaldi isn’t really open source, so that’s out too. I’ll probably just give my friend Firefox and hope they’ve since changed their mind.