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Fun as it is to think about, I have trouble believing the EU will do anything beyond sabre-rattling.

At the cost of creative writing, it looks like.

Needless to say, the patients are the real victims here. But let’s be honest. You have no right to be surprised at this outcome when you buy equipment from an infamously privacy disrespecting company. Here’s hoping the hospitals win and that they fire the dumbasses that made this deal.

Wow, you weren’t kidding. That man is in possession of some very specialized tools. As in, ones you wouldn’t ever find in an average garage.

I have a self-hosted Nextcloud instance with the News plugin. That fetches the news, but I actually read it on my phone or PC. Whenever I read a feed on one device, it automatically syncs up and marks it as read on other devices. As far as actual clients are concerned, you can see the list of apps that can connect to Nextcloud News here. I would hesitate to say I couldn’t live without it, but the app I use is News (yes, just it’s just News on F-Droid). I’ve used it for years and it’s great!

This is a setup specific to my situation, however. If you’re looking for something simple, have a look at Liferea, QuiteRSS or Akregator for PC. As for Android: there’s a bunch and I’ve honestly only used just the one I mentioned, but I hear Feeder is good!

Would you happen to still have the link? I’m in need of some lols.

Because when using touchscreens, you need to press against something. Using touchscreens on laptops would only result in tilting the screen further back, because that’s how they’re made: to be easilly flipped up or down.

None. What problem would having a blockchain/DLT based social network solve?

No judgment here. I keep defaulting to FreeTube too. PeerTube is nice and all, but it doesn’t have nearly as many videos as YouTube has. That said, if I see a content creator I like has a PeerTube mirror for their videos, I try and use that instead of YT.

Effort, right! That thing I’m supposed to occasionally do…

This guy will need a new phone the instant he sits down. Actually, is he even able to sit down with all those gun holsters?

I do, but I almost never see it because all of my programs are maximized.

That it’s okay to be gray.

I’m still not sure I understand what this or Linktree is. Best as I can tell, it’s some kind of electronic business card for your social media accounts? Is that right?

Thoughts on repositories such as this?
The repository in question: https://github.com/BullyWiiPlaza/Ghosts-WiiU-Mod-Injector All it has is a README.md file and they want 8€ for anyone to use this app. I mean, sure, but why host something like this on github? Or am I missing something?

Can anyone tell me what the heck web3 actually is?
I mean specifically, what criteria does a webpage have to fulfill for it to be considered web3 compliant? Because all I see around the web are people waxing poetic about freedom, ownership and whatnot without really saying anything. There's no consensus, there's no whitepaper, just... vague, nondescript ideas.

What's the cheapest hardware that can playback videos at 1080p?
There are so many options out there, it's kind of dizzying. I'm looking for a cheap solution that I could hook up to a TV and ethernet, so it could run a flavor of Linux (or BSD) and play videos at 1080p. Bonus points if it can handle 1080p@60 FPS. Other than that, it would be used for light web browsing. I was looking at Raspberry Pi 4, but is there anything else you would suggest?

[Answered] Trying to remember an IP-KVM-like device
This is going to sound rather vague, but less than a week ago, I was reading a forum post somewhere about a device that lets you control a machine remotely, allowing you to do stuff like remotely access a machine's BIOS. Pretty sure it was Linux-based. I thought it was super neat, so I bookmarked it. Or so I thought, because I can't find the bookmark anywhere and for the life of me I can't remember the name of the device. I do remember it being really small, about the size of a Raspberry Pi. In fact, I remember reading the "recipe" for the device on the manufacturer's website that would allow you to make your own and I distinctly remember one of the components being an RPi. There was also a pre-assembled model available. Does this ring any bells for anyone or am I just talking nonsense?

Just tried the latest elementary OS in VirtualBox and... is it supposed to be this obtuse?
I'm just screwing around with the OS, but I have to say, I'm a bit perplexed. I wanted to install GIMP and LibreOffice, so I clicked on the AppCenter only to find out it couldn't find either of them. Which is bizzarre, because I can install both using apt just fine. As it turns out, the AppCenter only has [51 curated applications](https://appcenter.elementary.io/), completely ignoring the abundance of programs already available in the Ubuntu repositories, making the AppCenter a bit useless. Then there's the desktop. I'm not entirely sure why I'm not allowed to have icons on it. macOS has desktop icons. As does Windows. Hell, almost every OS with a GUI does. Apparently, there's something called Elementary Tweaks which lets you enable them, but why would anyone have to jump through hoops to enable this basic functionality? I guess I just don't understand who this OS is meant for.

Advice needed. What would be the least invasive Chromium-based browser for a Windows user? Automatic updates and addons are a must.
The user has basic computer literacy, which is why having auto updates is something they'd like for the convenience. Addons are needed for uBlock Origins and such. Having used Firefox for so many years, I honestly haven't a clue. Should i go with just vanilla Chromium? Or are there better options? Thanks in advance, Lemmy.

How do you deal with anti-vaxxers?
I'll be honest, this is as much a question as it is a vent. Specifically, how do you deal with people you meet everyday like family, coworkers, etc. who just revel in conspiracy theories? I have a coworker who is dead certain 5G *somehow* produces the coronavirus, despite easily verifiable facts in microbiology and physics showing otherwise. He's a nice guy in general with a degree in electronics, but dear lord, when he starts with this tin-foil hat bullshit it ruins my day.

The most anonymous way possible to buy on eBay?
I know eBay is horrible and so is PayPal, but after OpenBazaar shut down, I don't know where else to look. I'm looking to buy a very specific PlayStation 3 model, which it seems I can only get on eBay (CECHPxx, for those wondering). The issue is that in the EU a new directive was passed called PSD2. This means that whenever you want to purchase something online, you have to use your bank's app which uses a form of OTP and I believe, your fingerprint. To me that sound horrible and I don't plan on downloading the app, because it's a giant pain in the ass to use. What are my other payment options for eBay that don't require a freaking app to use? Alternate question: is there an alternative to eBay that takes PaySafe cards or crypto? And apologies if this is the wrong sub, I honestly don't know where to post this question. EDIT: I should mention I'm not expecting complete or even partial anonymity, just a payment method that doesn't involve taking my biometrics.

I came across this page comparing XMPP and Matrix. Would love to hear your thoughts.
It doesn't paint a very good picture of the matrix protocol. Does the comparison have any merit?

Linux kernel "rapidly proceeding down an unstable path" according to Hyperbola Linux
I was looking into Hyperbola Linux, when I came across [this post](https://www.hyperbola.info/news/announcing-hyperbolabsd-roadmap/). In this post it is outlined why Hyperbola Linux is switching to a BSD base. A bold move, but I hope it works out for the team. However, I am curious about the four points they outlined as reasons for switching away from the Linux kernel. Is the Linux kernel really careening down a path of instability and binary blobs, or is this just a case of the Linux kernel's development not fitting with Hyperbola's design goals?