Hello! I managed to set up an instance quite easily with Ansible, only problem now is that I can’t send emails in any way!

If I leave the default configuration (postfix: 25) and try to ask for a password reset, it tells me it sent it but nothing really comes.

I then thought of using an external SMTP, since I have it available together with the domain.

If I put: “smtps.aruba.it” then adding smtp_login and smtp_password when I try to send an email I get an error with only written: “465”.

If I add the port to the SMTP server like this: “smtps.aruba.it:465” and also adding in “tls_type: tls” the server freezes for 5 minutes, does not send anything and I do not receive any errors.

I’m definitely doing something wrong but what? Where can I look?


  • Dave
    31 year ago

    Apologies for necro’ing an old thread but - the above link has gone 404. What was the solution? I’m trying to do the same thing and am not sure how to get it to authenticate with my SMTP server.

    • @skariko@lemmy.mlOP
      21 year ago

      My problem was that the Hetzner server was new and therefore certain ports were closed. I solved it by contacting Hetzner support and having them open the ports.