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For a long time I’ve been grappling with the project lemmy. As a person never really been interested in reddit I’ve found it fills the role of a decentralized forum platform, which is something I’ve been looking for for a long time.

Unfortunately a lot of it’s user, and even more concernedly It’s developers are of a certain political mindset. Believing and spreading propaganda denying current and genocides of the past, posting things like “defeat israel”, defending russia and china, pushing misnifnormation and propaganda in the dictatorship of Belarus’s favour and even supporting north korea.

It’s all pretty crazy.

In the beginning I believed Lemmy could grow to be more than it is now. But I’ve come to realize that Lemmy is just the gab of the left, but as an alternative to reddit so they can spread their stuff.

So I’ve decided that I am not vouching for Lemmy as a viable platform anymore. I don’t think Lemmy is going to have much of a future in the fediverse anymore either. I’ll actively work against Lemmy and it’s developers and there isn’t much projects or organizations that are going to want to associate with Lemmy either.

You could consider this a kind of goodbye, but I am just here on the fediverse doing my usual stuff. But you can consider it an end to ‘better’ world news and lemmy drama of the century. Now there will be 99% tankies on the platform instead of just 98.9%.

Another better desentralized forum will come, and when it comes I’ll be ready for it.

Peace and love, Chris from Norway

22 urte

we’re not really interested in gaining a mass following of users. That takes away time from us being able to do dev work, and forces us to focus on moderation.

I’m not a fan of making lemmy mainstream to become a second reddit either. but about the moderation, I think it’ll be better to let moderators do most of the job, and since you’re busy developing, surely other admins are willing to help with moderation.

Also, pretty much any reddit alternative selling itself as a “free speech” platform, will get hundreds of the racist rejects begging for a platform after being kicked off many others. We do not want them. We’d much rather have a small, friendly, non-toxic community.

oh, I didn’t mean to make lemmy free speech zone for neonazis, racists and bigots. that would only make people leave lemmy instead joining it.

There’s only 4 sidebar rules, but the one against bigotry ( that we actually enforce ) is more than enough for lemmy to be called a “for-leftists-only” reddit alt, and all the baggaged names that go along with that: tankie, authoritarian, etc.

I don’t think the no bigotry means only leftists will be allowed. what about centrists? what about progressive liberals? I know soferman didn’t talk politely, but do you consider him a bigot? sure he was biased, but a bigot? for calling people with alien ideas (to him and people around him) crazy? woulden’t it be better if we could make him more open minded instead of making him hostile towards us? I talked about this in my reply to nutomic.

I’ve kinda come to the conclusion that the thing really blocking adoption isn’t really lemmy’s current features ( we’ve added so many, and have far surpassed most other reddit alts both by performance and feature set ), or our moderation policies of this instance. I realized this a few months ago after I added like 10 features at once, and our numbers didn’t increase, nor did we get cross-posted online too much. Its the lack of mobile apps and a diverse app ecosystem that’s the main reason people still use reddit over other link aggregators.

sure, lemmur can have more features, and it would be interesting to try and modify some reddit apps to work with lemmy (I think having infinity would be nice) but I don’t think that’s the only reason. network effect, lack of diverse content and maybe intolerence towards some fairly tolerant people would also play an important role.

Nutomic will do a post within the next few days on ! where we can discuss this too.

nice to hear, thank you!

I wanna say it again, I’m not asking for lemmy to become something you don’t like or don’t feel passionate about, just wanna help <3

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