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I think letting the communiry moderators decide that would be good, since some communities like support ones would benefit, while there’s no reason not to archive posts on some others.

agreed, I don’t like linking online identities of a single person together, but just checking the posting history of a lemmygrad admin and one of lemmy develper’s reddit account clearly shows that they are the same person.

show instances of users saying “I was joking” or “saying that abuse is a good thing” during a discussion about any alleged genocide, abuse or disater.

if we were talking about lemmygrad, I would agree, but personally is a place for me that I enjoy browsing and posting to. anyway I think it’s the best opportunity for anyone interested in making a centrist or apolitical instance and get the label of “flagship instance” on joinlemmy to help it grow and become as big as, it will also make it easier for people who don’t like the politics of to choose an instance knowing that it has no strong political affiliation.

but I agree the folks on lemmygrad can be a little bit … let’s say annoying.

also interesting that their only problem seems to be about the “genocide”.

I understand that it is annoying, but I think it’s because we’re still a small community. when our numbers become much higher, users will be almost enough to fight spamming. big subs will have enough users sorting by new and downvoting spams that they won’t get any visibility, and they will have enough mods to remove spams. this is what I said on a similar post:

I think once we get bigger and report functionality gets added, it won’t be that much of a problem anymore. it’s important to note that any anti-spam method comes at the risk of frustrating users, discrimination and potential for abuse. we could enforce a certain account age or positive karma for posts, or we could introduce shadow bans, or we could make a button for trusted users to empower them, but that would be empowering them over normal users.

once we get really big though, then just upvotes and downvotes would be enough to throw spams into the dark realm of the forgotten, never to be seen again.

interesting. I don’t think a profile would be much useful if it couldn’t be traced back to you, but as you say it’s possible to use writing style and grammar mistakes to fingerprint you. maybe use translation services that rephrase what you wanna say? or make intentional mistakes with some of your accounts? and have different accounts for different subjects, one for foss, one for politics, one for veganism, one for your job, one for your hobbies, one for more personal things, one for answering technical questions …

but yeah, do what your threat model asks for. but if you’re going to delete your account and leave, just know that it was a pleasant experience interacting with you and your content, ajz :)

agreed, when we share something publicly that can be accessed by anyone there’s not much room for privacy. the best one could ask is having some anonimity so no no one can link the posts to your real identity.

I think if you don’t share any personally identifiable information (eg don’t sign up with your email), you won’t really need to delete your posts. if it can’t be traced back to you, and doesn’t contain personal information, then it isn’t a privacy concern is it? the question would be if lemmy stores something like IP addresses? if yes, use Tor pr a vpn, and that’s it in my opinion. no need to remove your contributions, I’m sure people appreciate them :)

“so you want security?”

takes the Qubes OS installation media out

exactly as @hamborgr said, just note that you should block 3rd party (only for hard mode), 3rd party frames and scripts (for both modes) in the global column, that is the column in the middle.

also the hated one video is a bit old, so you won’t see green listing in current uBlock, since it could unblock all trafic I think, and users could accidentally enable it.

hey hey, we want some media attention for writing the wikipedia article!


yeah, Xiaomi isn’t exactly against bloatware, otherwise they wouldn’t be installing every single google app as a system app with no option of deletion xD

they say it’s intended to stop unofficial resellers from installing bloated ROMs. you can read more about it at the bottom of this page:

they claim it’s to prevent rebranding, so a local store or small company can’t unlock a large number of phones, install another OS on them, and then sell them as Xiaomi phones. it’s a shame they don’t do as OnePlus does.

that’s a great idea, I think it will be much better than mastodon. it just needs a software to make different voices.

yeah, by “few other sites” they mean any platform capable of hosting videos, as long as it doesn’t have a DRM and isn’t pirated content xD

I have another question, where did most old users go? I was looking around and found this post and it’s sad that most of them aren’t active anymore T_T

sigh … I think FOSS, GNU/Linux in particular, can never reach mass adoption as long as the world is like this. libre software cannot beat proprietary software unless you pass a law that bans the creation of proprietary software, or I don’t know, overthrow capitalism while we’re at it. you can get a usb stick with Linux mint on it and a hard drive and go house to house in your neighborhood and offer free migration to linux and a life-time of IT support, and you’ve still accomplished nothing compared to a single advertising campaign of Microsoft or Google or Apple. our cause might be noble and our intentions pure, but that doesn’t mean we can win against a company that can spend more on psychological manipulation of the masses than our collective income. if I recall correctly, Chrome OS got more market share in the last year than linux did since its beginning. if you get an average person to get Linux, I bet there’s a good chance the first program they wanna install is google chrome. so if you give them the freedom of installing it, you have enabled them to give up their freedom. it may seem contradictary, but I think freedom has to be enforced. like what FSF says, optinal freedom is not enough, if our goal is to set people free.

on a second thought, I don’t think even the collapse of capitalism would end the dominance of proprietary software, spying and tracking capabilities of proprietary software are still too tempting for any government to resist. if it’s free then you can just fork it without the crap. that wouldn’t be desirable for an institution trying to stay in control.

so do I think foss developers and foss users are wasting their time? hell no! that would be like criticising vegans for not eating meat, or environmentalists for not using products that have a bad effect on the evironment. it just that I think we won’t achieve our goals as long as we don’t seek fundamental change. ok, I must stop rambling xD

I understand the need for privacy respecting default settings, but right now my browser doesn’t have a unique fingerprint, so it kinda works. surely it would be better if mozilla improved firefox, or I used Tor, but for my normal browsing websites don’t really need js, and when it’s turned off my browser isn’t really fingerprintable.

personally all I’ve done has been following what says, since it’s the most popular one that I know, and hope other have done the same thing so our fingerprints would look the same.

about the CSS, arkenfox user.js has letterboxing enabled, but I have no idea about mouse movement.

user agent should the same for every Firefox user by default.

agreed, I assumed it must be the same for all users who enable RFP, but honestly I don’t know.

in general I agree, we should pressure Mozilla to make firefox better, but I don’t know how to do that really, I mean they haven’t deleted things like pocket, cloudflare, etc yet so they don’t seem interested in making a better firefox.

“join us now, and you shall never look back upon your dark past! for even the darkest soul among you, I tell you truly, is not beyond redmption.”

-soronixa, the Linux Bible

I understand your point, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use and ad-blocker or blocking third party cookies, but probably you’re going to make things worse instead of achieve actual privacy. Unfortunately, this is a sad reality. Blocking ads/trackers and third party cookies it would be a good approach only if the option was enabled by default in the browser. For example, Vanadium block third-party cookies by default, this is good because if all the users have the third-party cookies blocked then it’s way more difficult uniquely identify a single one. The same concept goes for ads & tracking.

the crowd I’m trying to blend in are users who have enabled ressist fingerprinting, and I’m pretty sure anyone enabling RFP would be using at least uBlock and ClearURLs. I think you’ve mistaken anti-fingerprinting addons, those are the ones that make you stand out from other people with RFP.

I also assume people who enable it, will disable javascript for sites they don’t trust, and js is needed for most fingerprinting. things like canvas fingerprint, screen, etc are protected by RFP so that users have similar fingerprints.

No at all, blending with crowd is useful regardless the browser you’re going to use. If you blend out with the crowd fingerprint it’s way more difficult.

I don’t think that’s correct. if your browser is something like chrome or edge, there’s no way you could possibly benefit from blending.

Firefox should not relaying on add ons. Instead, it should be build actual privacy mitigation against tracking and fingerprint.

the have made actual mitigation by something like RFP, the problem is that they haven’t enabled it by default. and for things like uBlock being an add-on is beneficial, they just need to ship it with firefox itself (like librewolf does), while it’d be cool if some other add-ons get implemented in the browser like HTTPSeverywhere was implemented.

“sorry sir, do you have some time? wanted to talk to you about our lord and saviour …”

The most you blend out with the crowd the most privacy you’ll get.

I don’t know much in this regard, but I think if you don’t block trackers and third party cookies, then there’s no need to fingerprint your browser to track you, you have already lost your privacy. most people remain totally vulnerable to simple methods of tracking, blending with them means your privacy will be invaded too. this blending in the crowds is only useful when you use something that is hardened by default, like Tor.

the option to block ads and trackers should be integrated in the browser

agreed. Firefox should really change some default settings and give you some add-ons by default to make fingerprinting harder. like what they did with https everywhere.

oh, that explains that weird bug I saw, thanks!

as far as I’m aware federating with other fediverse platforms is a work in progress, but once it’s done, you can use your lemmy account to follow a mastodon account or maybe even open an issue on gitea, it’s exciting :D

right now deleting your account permanently deletes all your comments and posts (I noticed a weird bug where some comments remain even after deletion, but apparently no one could replicate the bug), I don’t know about upvotes and downvotes. personaly I think deleting posts is an overkill, since it also deletes every comment under the post, so I prefer reddit’s model in this regard.

but in general, you shouldn’t really expect Lemmy to be private, as everything you publish will be accessible to anyone who wants to see it, and archiving services might store your information too. it’s designed for the free flow of informarion, without surveillance or corporates. the good thing about reddit like platforms is that you are not expected to use your real identity, and on Lemmy you aren’t being tracked, so that makes it better than reddit.

Also, I noticed my deleted comments still has my username attached to it. Isn’t that a huge privacy concern?


I think those communities will either revived by someone else or will be ignored in favor of some other more active communities. once we get really big though, then just upvotes and downvotes would be enough to throw spams into the dark realm of the forgotten, never to be seen again.

I guess I must work on my chill out skills in my Zen Room ;)

yes, achieve tranquility, feel one with the universe xD

I think once we get bigger and report functionality gets added, it won’t be that much of a problem anymore. it’s important to note that any anti-spam method comes at the risk of frustrating users, discrimination and potential for abuse. we could enforce a certain account age or positive karma for posts, or we could introduce shadow bans, or we could make a button for trusted users to empower them, but that would be empowering them over normal users.

that being said, you’ve got an interesting idea. giving contributors more power to moderate the communities sounds good.

well, it’s not just privacy. choose any topic, any thing that matters to you, and there will be a significant number of people that just don’t care. any topic, privacy, climate change, this very pandemic, factory farming, capitalism, literally anything. I disagree with the writer of the article, I think there are indeed people who don’t care about privacy at all.

now how to change that? anyone has any ideas? I personally think it’s almost impossible to do it in any meaningful way. you can try and explain how online tracking works, how much their data is being collected, talk to them about Snowden’s revealations, all that. after you’ve finished, they have already made their mind. they will either become more careful, or reject the whole idea. it is after this point that I think you just can’t change their mind anymore. so I guess having a good explanation of why privacy is important, and a good description of the current problems is what matters the most. it’s like you’ve got a single shot and it’s hit or miss.

but again it applies to everything. try to educate someone who denies climate change, they have already made their mind and I honestly don’t know how anyone can change someone’s mind at that point.

must feel really good to be on the frontline of liberating social media and making a better world by making FOSS :)

good point, there are already too many communities, but it just feels wrong to not mention the libre part of it. but yeah, I understand that dividing communities isn’t the best.

And why the mention of vaccines ???

well, recently (happened a few months ago I think) one of the vaccines was going to be open sourced, but the Gates foundation prevented it by making some excuses. I thought people would remember that a vaccine could be open source too, so I mentioned it. honestly I really think medicine can learn a lot from foss, imagine if we could identify the most effective vaccine with the least side effects, and produce it everywhere instead of just the companies who hold their rights making them. wouldn’t that be awesome?

Something like Libre could exclude MIT,BSD,Apache license based software?

if they are GPL compatible, they won’t be excluded, right?

let’s see what others think and then make a decision :D

Should we dedicate this community to open source hardware, vaccines, and other products and post news and articles about FOSS in some sub like c/foss , c/floss or c/libresoftware ?
I think calling it libre or foss better shows that we are looking for user freedom as well as transparency, considering that companies like google are mostly associated with the phrase and if you ask people to name some open source projects, they will probably answer chromium and AOSP. so maybe it's better to intentionally choose to say libre or foss instead of open source to make our goals and ideals clear?

people seem to forget that it’s the US backdooring every AMD and intel CPU, and that this one is open source. but most people are calling them out, so yeah.

I mean the title of his latest video

Hey Bluetooth, What’s New? : Oh, We Want to Chip You

is somewhat sensationalst? I haven’t watched the video, but I think current privacy invasions are bad enough, using such a language and spreading paranoia by saying “wanna chip you” is just irresponsible.

apparently’s description on still says it’s the flagship instance. I think it’s better to inform users what they’re joining, so we have less drama.

take a rest by the campfire, for you have passed the test. not many can win such a battle, but you proved yourself worthy :)

but seriously, I’m wating for the day computers solve all captchas better than us. probably they will be the ones runing the forums by then and we’ve gone back to using pigeons.

good point, nutomic said we could have multiple ones, to avoid centralization. but a flagship is useful for people who don’t want to find a specific instance and just wanna make an account and get going.

What is your vision for Lemmy’s flagship instance?
considering that is not a flagship instance, and that we need a general-purpose instance to function as the flagship, how do you want it to be? how different from should it be? should we ( federate with it? do you think it's better to allow something like deradicalization of people with regressive values happen there? do want it to be similar to reddit? how should we prevent it from becoming an alt-right cesspool? do you think the slur filter should remain unchanged? it will need to be listed on join-lemmy, so do you think it's code of conduct should be identical to ours?

you can’t remove the posts from c/all, but I guess you can choose to only show posts in your feed.

What do you think about recent events on c/worldnews? Should we try to prevent such behaviors?
so if you haven't come across it, see [here]( , [here]( , [here]( and [here]( . in short, one side says sources are pro-imperialist, the other side believes they're legitimate sources. then there is one user thinking we have been targeted by troll farms, one accusing others of being conspiracy theorists and stuff like that. it's one of the most unproductive arguements I've seen on Lemmy, something that looks like one those downvoted-to-oblivian threads on reddit. it's just a mess. I think we can do a few things to prevent such pointless fights in the future: 1. my favoriate response would be creating a community of fact-checker Lemmurs. it'll function similar to a wikipedia talk page, anyone can request a trial for an article shared on c/worldnews , then they will present evidence and sources to challenge the article, while the other side attempts to do the same. personal attacks, accusing of being a troll, asking for a call on jitsi to debate face to face (like seriously?!?!) will be forbidden. both sides will debate untill they reach an agreement. trying to go off-topic, bad faith arguements etc will be forbidden as well. each time we reach a conclusion, a positive or negative point will be assigned to news source and to the person who posted it. best contributers who show the least bias will get a point as well. overtime it will help us to see if a source is really good or not. 2. a much easier approch would be to let downvotes and upvotes decide the fate of each post. I understand that this is the whole point of lemmy and similar platforms, but right now we have the problem of each side using downvotes and upvotes like it's a battle. posts about internet censoreship and tiny pigs are being downvoted because the person who posts them trusts the Guardian and other news outlets. 3. we can limit the number of posts on c/worldnews to minimize the amount of personal attacks and arguements. so what do you think? I personally think as more users come to lemmy, we'll be dealling with more diverse opinions, and people might just engage in behaviors that harms the platform and benefits no one. this will be a real problem considering that Lemmy leans far-left. in my opinion having a fact-checking community will be neccessary if we don't want fact-based communities turn into battlefields. ps: am I going too far and overreacting? to be honest I don't know xD I just think there's no chance for productive political arguements if we can't agree on the facts, and i see no point in what's happening on c/worldnews right now.

What are some features you want to see in Lemmy and some features you don’t want to see?
What are some new or reddit features that you think will improve Lemmy, and what are the things that you don't want to lay your eyes upon ever?