Do you guys think I should either 1.Get a libreboot thinkpad x200 from retrofreedom and then have only 8GB’s of ram to where I can still use KVM but i’ll be a bit more limited in terms of ram or 2.Get a thinkpad x230 from ebay,save up for a couple of months,and then send it to retrofreedom for retroboot installation ,have 16GB’s of ram and run better VM’s but having the disadvantage of it not being libreboot but still being pretty good because of retroboot.

2 urte

What about the x230 retrobooted?Also this should work with both the libre x200 and retro x230?Create Virtual Machine in QEMU on linux with Virt-Manager | KVM -

I own a X200 with Libreboot. I tell you that Virt-Manager doesn’t work because it forces KVM which requires hardware acceleration.

If you see something working, must be because of CPU microcode which is listed there.

The X230, no idea.

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