• @pinknoise@lemmy.ml
    3 years ago

    Do you have any suggestion how to make it easier?

    I never found a good solution myself, I guess a central bugtracker where guests can post would be the easiest, but most standalone bugtrackers aren’t that good and having pull&review requests in the same place is pretty nice. For (very specialized) personal/friends projects I run a gitea instance with some oauth options enabled. (but iirc that still requires an email)

    We dont want to have issues in two different places because it would be complicated.

    I guess you could post the gitea issues to github/gitlab via a webhook but properly syncing comments would then require a more complicated bot.

    Would gitlab.com be a compromise?

    It’s better but it still requires an account and an email address. I usually go through the trouble of creating throwaway accounts if I think I have something important to contribute but it’s not optimal. (Idk how many people actually care though, might be something for a community poll)

    Maybe you could build a bot that creates issues from lemmy.ml threads in a bugtracker community if they are tagged in a certain way. Lemmy doesn’t require an email address and I’d guess most devs have an account at lemmy.ml or a federated instance.

    • @nutomic@lemmy.ml
      53 years ago

      We could make a Lemmy instance for issues, with a different theme/frontend. Except we dont have time to maintain another project, so someone else would have to do that.