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Just play pirated windows games? With lutris?

hey @nutomic@lemmy.ml, any ideas? It mostly happens when I sort by new. Makes lemmy unusable.

It’s kinda neat.

wait, you like this happening? It’s a bug.

So how would a non-tech person acquire such a handle??

Of course they do. Why would they fight with law enforcement over something that’s not profit??

Don’t fall for their propaganda ^^

It’s a bug with the newest update. You’re still subscribed afaik.

It’s been really buggy here lately :/

It’s always there and it’s pretty weird for me too, sometimes I just post a reply and then it looks like an official or important reply, even though I didn’t even think I was mod in the sub.

I don’t think that the state of real medicine is the cause of alternative scam medicine. I think humans have a tendency to fall for this kind of crap, regardless of the state of evidence-based medicine.

Oh I thought this was about illegal drugs taken for recreational purposes ^^

Also autopilot on planes is way simpler, it’s just a compass and a few measurements of hight, speed etc and that’s basically it. There is no need for breaking at stoplights, pedestrians, emergency breaking and all that stuff.

Wait does cloud lane assist exist in vehicles in the road now? What happens if the signal cuts out?

also I can’t tag you apparently. The latest update has broken a lot of things ^^

@wintermute@feddit.de @wintermute maybe this is server specific?

How do I do that? I only see German and English in the settings, how do I set it to all three?

post language settings
I have both German and English as my languages and as the languages my server supports. Choosing a language on every post is kinda tedious, I forget to do it most of the time. Sometimes this leads to the post not being able to send, but on some subs it does send, but with the wrong language setting. I mostly post in English, but unfortunately German is the default chosen setting, I think because it is in the top of the list. I don't even think that a language setting necessarily is a bad idea, but the way it works it differs massively from reddit, right? Also when I sent a post, I can't see which language I did choose, so I have to click edit to see if I set it correctly. It's not a good user experience to choose this setting but then not having indicated what influence it has and which setting I used to post. Anyways, lemmy is great nonetheless.

Cool. But other people will be able to participate on your lemmy server, right?

What is the connection to my post here? They seem to lack the skill set to host their own server.

What do you need a lemmy server for if I may ask?

Because you could, just like on reddit, for most intends of usage just make a couple communities on a reliable and (to you) trustworthy lemmy server. It’s not like they are at capacity or something like that atm. You’ll still be able to moderate them, make the rules etc.

Cool that the EFF is such a big fedi fan.

I really like the fediverse, mainly mastodon, lemmy and peertube as they are, but I am even more hyped for what might come afterwards. It’ll be better the more successful they are, it can be great. Maybe these services won’t need you to host a server anymore (p2p), or will have better encryption, etc pp. Just clawing these services away from the big corporations is a win anyways :)

You need to choose a language for each post. Italian might be selected by default. This happened to me as well.

Damn. If you’re into tech and are privacy interested, these two networks are really cool, have nice communities and it’s a rewarding hobby to support them!

I was struggling with the same problem a few hours ago. It wouldn’t allow me to post. Until I discovered the language menu below comments.

Do you like features like Youtube premiere?
I as a user hate it, it's really annoying to find a video that seems interesting or by a creator I like and it's there, but not available yet. I don't really get the benefit, even for the content creator.

Maybe it has to do with the new language settings?

I also don’t like a cashless society. But if there were a good implementation of digital currency, like gnu taler, that would pretty much take the way cash works now into the digital realm.

It’s possible, but not likely to be suggested by the big monopolists and surveillance people.

Search finds existing knowledge. ChatGPT easily makes up lies as answers. I don’t think this is comparable.

Please report spam and offending content
We just had a hilarious jokester post nazi spam. If someone had reported instead of downvoted the posts in the memes sub I would have seen it earlier, since I mod there. So if you see something that obv violates the rules, please report. It makes it easier for me and others to be notified. This way fewer people have to see the bad stuff :)

would be good for the environment I guess

only in the US

what being rich does to a mf