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Go for it, that’s why Lemmy exists!

Jokes on him I have been doing that the entire time since it’s pretty easy to spot fraud when it’s that obvious.

people will slow down coming to mastodon. This has always been the case in the past. But mastodon is awesome nonetheless, I liked spending time there even before twitter migration. It’s not better or worse without the users from twitter.

This is your announcement? I think you misunderstand the sub.

I can imagine a scenario where I would be a citizen of a sort of large commune. That would be without a state.

That totally depends on your goals.

Yes, but a draft obv is shit, so it also is shit to women.

I can’t make it through this. Did he do something funny? Most of his content is exhausting to watch.


just because all the child porn went to 8kun doesn’t mean 4chan is dead.

ah yes, the ironical nazi 4chan post

So they’re saying that their industry lives off making generic music? I don’t think that artists are particularly threatened…

I think if this would replace AP in some way or push AP into a corner with less users, then it’s pretty bad. Even if the protocol were way better, I don’t trust that they wouldn’t do changes that aren’t in the users interests.

Yes and also it seems to fervor right wing content for some reason.

suggestions depend solely on what the user wants

Lmao, it can read my mind?

Please report spam and offending content
We just had a hilarious jokester post nazi spam. If someone had reported instead of downvoted the posts in the memes sub I would have seen it earlier, since I mod there. So if you see something that obv violates the rules, please report. It makes it easier for me and others to be notified. This way fewer people have to see the bad stuff :)

would be good for the environment I guess