Is it better ,or just as good to use a VoIP provider like rather than mysudo for things like pseudonyms.For example,having a number dedicated for Shopping so that amazon doesnt have your phone number.The reason I ask this is because MySudo doesnt work on a degoogled phone like CalyxOS regardless if it has microG or not.Would apreciate any answers.

  • TuxOP
    3 years ago

    Are there any kinda privacy friendly VoIP providers?Also im not too worried since for VoIP ms I can tie the least ammount of personal identifiable information as possible.For example if an email is required use a simplelogin aleeas and for payment either a non reloadable prepaid visa card or,if possible could you point me too a more privacy oriented service?If not fully privacy friendly at least one that asks for as little information as possible?Since you mentioned there are probably better options.