Hi. Okay, maybe “overrun” isn’t the right word, but I went to check Ramble out and some user by the name of Htler_was_right has been posting a lot. Not sure if this is because Ruqqus has changed their stance on free speech, but it’s gross, and disheartening to see sites like Ramble or any site, really, be overrun by nzis or white suprem*cists. Just my rant for the day.

  • @sinewyshadow@lemmy.ml
    12 years ago

    Not to go off topic, but have you read the Egg Theory? It’s a story of a guy who dies, ends up in heaven, and he has a conversation with God. I’m not quite sure, but, I think he asks God how his family is, etc and God’s like that’s refreshing to hear you ask that. You just died, but you’re concerned about your family. Anyways, it’s later revealed that the Earth is an egg created just for the person that died, and that everyone is him, and he is everyone. Basically, he will live and die until he’s lived and died as everyone else. I’ll look the story up but that’s the jist of it.