The controversial social network has decided it actually does see a limit to what people can say.

This is the most ironic thing I have read today. I thought Parler was for free speech???!!!??

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Historically, Twitter and Facebook have taken the position that world leaders should be exempted from most rules because the public has a right to know what their governments have to say and may be thinking. That changed when former President Trump was banned from Twitter and Facebook, however, so social media platforms seem to be taking a wait-and-see approach this time around.

No, nothing changed, they let the lunatic run his mouth for 4 full years– ironically, the white house itself had to step in and censor him at times to prevent literal wars, and the social platforms only banned him after he lost the election and was actively trying to weaponize his base against America to try a literal insurrection. But sure, whatever the article says.

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