Misinformation on Reddit has become unmanageable, Alberta moderators say | CBC News
Misinformation flooding some of Alberta’s biggest online communities has become a major problem during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to three volunteer moderators of Edmonton communities on Reddit, a social media and news aggregator website.
12 urte

No, you’re right, we listen to our medical professionals, who have informed us (and the media) what needs to be done to be safe.

If you get COVID-19, you don’t go to social media for some intellectualism. You go to the clinic, the doctor, the hospital, or whatever is provided by experts in your area.

I mention the podcast as it was a good one-off on the topic, by people who are qualified to discuss, on the topic of some of the ‘key’ Ivermectin ‘studies’ that are being referenced on social media that are making people do stupid shit like eat horse dewormer (first mention of this I’ve made to this point).

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