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If you are advertising yourself as a privacy respecting website, you can’t “forget” to disable tracking. It says a lot about your competence and credibility if you do.

I’ve been using it for more than a month after I made that post. Its great, I like it a lot. The software manager is usable, but still the worst part of the system, like all the Linux distros I’ve used.

They can already do that with Firefox or Brave or literally any other browser extremely easily. Your title is still extremely misleading, please consider editing it by adding “On their machine”.

Just curious: I always see your comments at the top of threads even though they aren’t upvoted. Is this by design or just a coincidence? Too lazy to check the source.

Original article title might be a bit misleading, as it is a vaccine, it protects from future infections, not already infected monkeys. Still an amazing advancement…

While I use Pop_OS! as my daily drive, I hate that they are working on a new DE. The latest Linux video absolutely destroyed Pop_OS!, showing that even though we don’t want to see it, Linux still isn’t mature enough to be used by the average user. And imho, fragmentation is the reason for this. Just imagine how many years it would take the talented developers at System76 to make a stable and mature Desktop Environment, and how much better KDE or GNOME or XFCE would become if the same effort and time where put into them. I don’t like centralization obviously, but we already have so many great options, would be a waste of time working on another one while we don’t have a complete user-friendly solution yet.

Wikipedia doesn’t need your money. They have enough to stay operarional for probably a decade to come.

I don’t think its the job searching process that sucks, its the jobs themselves. In many states in the US currently, you can probably start working in retail by just showing up, and yet you still have a lot of businesses lacking employees, and a lot of people are unemployed. Fixing job conditions imho will solve like 70% of the problem.

I’ve already implemented it as an extension a few weeks ago, in addition to a few more features I wanted in Lemmy, but the Firefox addon store had problems and was not accepting and addons. Not sure if it is fixed now.

Serious question: How are you supposed to control Kodi? I tried to install it, but I realized I had to use the mouse/keyboard to do basically everything. Can I control it through a remote or my phone at least?

I think email is just inherently not private. The sooner people realize that and use better alternatives for private messages the better. Email is fine for work and mundane talk. Trying to turn it into something that is not will never happen.

We got bambozeled. They talked about Linux in the intro, but went on to install TrueNAS, which is based on FreeBSD.

Am I the only one who hates the taste of water in the morning if I haven’t eaten anything?

As for your question, reposting is fine, but choose carefully. Reddit has the quantity, we should aim for quality.

The forced Chrome logins are making me more mad at Mozilla than Google for fucking things up. Put your shit back together Mozilla, Firefox is our only hope.

This developer made the smart connection that even though the reports are coming from Linux users, almost 100% of them affected all users. So in a way, Linux support paid for itself not from Linux buyers, but from the free QA.

What stickers do you have on your laptop?

Sharing a picture is appreciated! If you don’t have any, why not?..

Yeah I agree, text based websites, especially news sites, have no excuse being this bloated.

Let’s not forget that us, developers, tend to have better equipment than the average user, and thus are more prone to not noticing the effects that inefficient software has on the final users.

Great point that I didn’t think about before.

While I don’t speak Spanish, the English room for Lemmy is barely active. I think it would be a good idea for us to focus on that first.

Disclaimer: I’m not a native English speaker, so it isn’t the reason I’m promoting the English one.

While collecting personalized user data is obviously important to all of these companies, is it really a vital “feature” for Microsoft? Google and Facebook are mainly ad companies, so the use case is obvious, but what about Microsoft?

Note: I’m not talking about telemetry. While I have objections over that, I understand whg they are used.

What is your favorite movie/show?

Name multiple if its too hard to choose just one…

What's your favorite book?

Not necessarily a book you can recommend to everyone, just a book you personally like very much. Feel free to mention multiple books if you can’t name just one. …

What happened with Facebook is a great example on why federation is the future

lemmy.ml is down? No problem! lemmygrad.ml is still online! In the Fediverse, the “single point of failure” is the internet itself…