Keyboards are probably one of the most sensitive apps on our phones, having access and handling practically everything we type. I’ve stopped using keyboards that require network access and started using only opensource apps a few years ago. What are your favorite, privacy-respecting android keyboards?

So far, I’ve found these alternatives:

  • AnySoftKeyboard. I’ve used ASK for years and I’ve always been very happy with it. Probably the autocorrect could use some improvement. It’s definitely the most mature opensource keyboard out there, with the most features and configurations
  • OpenBoard. The one I’m using right now. Easy and fast to configure, quite good auto-correct
  • FlorisBoard. Haven’t had the time to try it out extensively so I don’t have any opinion about it
  • SimpleKeyboard. It offers the bare minimum one could ask from a keyboard but sometimes you don’t actually need more than that
  • AOSP keyboard and LineageOS’ fork, that is, the keyboards that come with some ROMs out of the box. They’re probably what a lo of people use

These are the alternatives I’ve been considering. If you know about other opensource keyboards to extend this list, pleas let me know

Pros/cons of each one of the keyboards I’ve used, based on my usage and preferences:


  • + the copy/cut/paste tool that I could invoke by swiping up from the space bar
  • + configurable input shortcuts
  • + smaller extra top bar being (and configurable, not just with numbers)
  • + the ability to backup your settings, shortcuts and dictionaries
  • + plenty of themes
  • - maybe the settings are a bit too overwhelming


  • + it’s better at predicting words in my experience (maybe just placebo?)
  • + “drag to delete” gesture on the delete key
  • + configurable input shortcuts
  • + “swipe to move the cursor” gesture on the spacebar
  • - no select/copy/cut/paste tools


  • + theme editor
  • + select/copy/cut/paste tools (maybe hidden behind too many taps)
  • + ability to show the numpad using the “dialer layout” instead of having all the numbers on the same row
  • + “drag to delete” gesture on the delete key
  • + “swipe to move the cursor” gesture on the spacebar
  • + actively developed
  • - no autocorrections (yet)
  • Jomn
    44 years ago

    I use OpenBoard because I had an easier time (than with ASK) setting up a usable Bépo layout on it.