It seems to be open source:


Mmm. Basically they’re a soundcloud/spotify platform based in a blockchain protocol in terms of monetization, that’s it. Only their client (Another React app) and protocol (ethereum) are open source (Apache License 2.0) the rest is the same: Another privative/centralized music platform with DRM.

At the moment the only real federated/decentralized music platform is Funkwhale. Or Jamendo which is centralized but all its content is under Libre/Free copyright licenses like Creative Commons.

    43 years ago

    Audius currently does not compensate artists at all, paying artists isn’t implemented yet. It also facilitates piracy by not verifying artists and allowing anyone to upload copyrighted content, if illegal content is posted there is supposed to be an arbitration system, but that also isn’t implemented yet. What is implemented is their VIP tier scheme where you can show off how much disposable income you have by buying Audio tokens. It’s clear where their priorities lie!

    An unfinished product not ready for prime time is fine, but the problem I have with Audius is their product is not at all minimally viable, but they’re rolling it out anyway. Artists are not compensated, there is no accountability for posting copyrighted material, and they are trying to entice users to buy into their currently useless audio token.