What are the most privacy respecting smartphones to buy, I am also looking for the one which respects your privacy the most. So far going to privacy communities esp on reddit, I often see Google Pixel + GrapheneOS being recommended.

But the thing is I don’t really trust Google with privacy, as we have seen they are last one to respect privacy. What if Google has some backdoor in the hardware that cannot be changed? And the problem with the more privacy respecting OSes for mobiles like GrapheneOS, CalyxOS etc are that they are only supported for Google pixel phones.

So I am really confused here.

  • @nVZWmCa67Tq0SQkXPR@lemmy.mlOP
    13 years ago

    Sorry for a late reply. The grapheneOS seems to have a problem with not a very welcoming community but their OS is still good with all the security and privacy features that it comes with? If it is not Google Pixel + GrapheneOS that is the most private way of using a mobile phone then what is the most private way? I see this set up recommended in almost every privacy community including this thread.

    • @TheAnonymouseJoker@lemmy.mlM
      3 years ago

      A lot of these people are either sockpuppets or members of GrapheneOS, NoGoolag or SpiteChat Telegram/Matrix rooms that create a narrative to hijack the privacy communities. And it would not be surprising to conclude that they are a menace, because they encourage technical elitism quite a lot, and all of the other problems mentioned above.

      GrapheneOS moderators practicing censorship on Lemmy is not going to look the best either, but here we are. I have engaged with these people for probably 2-3 years, so I am about as experienced as one gets.

      A lot of these GrapheneOS privacy grifters also promote Windows, MacOS and iOS over Linux distros and Android, because they have some distorted definitions of security in their head. They believe closed source security is better for some reason.

      You could check this resource I made for a smartphone guide https://lemmy.ml/post/54596 or https://teddit.net/r/privatelife/comments/lpyl1s/