I think Qubes also uses Whonix in virtual machine so I don’t think nesting those virtual machines is a good idea. Has anyone used it and what is your opinion?

  • @kakapo@sopuli.xyz
    2 years ago

    I ended up looking into it, and if I understood this page correctly, it looks like some work has been put into integrating Whonix more seamlessly into Qubes, so that instead of running Whonix VMs inside one Qubes VM, Whonix should be running as several Qubes VMs that work together.

      02 years ago

      There is no benefit running something already inside a VM. You waste performance. No matter what they optimize it makes no sense. The more software you run the more likely you get hit by vulnerabilities, key is to run as less as possible and not more.

      I already tried all combination and it always ends up with less performance, and more issues, which is not worth it.