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There is old stuff there which is one of the reasons grapheneos does not directly deliver their apps trough the store, there are many other reasons, you quickly find the reddit thread to that.

I do not need to defend nor shit-talk f-droid, someone else did that for me already, just check my community I linked the f-droid article myself + wrote my own article about f-droid insecurity.

Stock typically comes with more preinstalled apps, does not scale, the comparison is also lacking since power users quickly can disable those background apps, that people often love to call bloatware. Again knowledge is everything as you can quickly tweaks aosp pretty easily and also get very solid OS.

You can also isolate apps with third-party apps that you even can get from F-Droid, island etc. there plenty… Once again you show knwoledge is key, not the OS.

You are delusional I find you 20 apps within seconds that got their last update in 2018.

  • You are not even a target if you are a power user. Because you know how to handle things, starts with knowledge and not the promises of a developer. I also can put sim card out, enable airplane mode and never store data on the device that can compromise me in the first place, this is not what this is about, usability starts with the average user, that is not you or me.
  • I disagree with the sandbox argument, as I recently leaked that you can break out of sandboxes, the promises here are worth nothing and security is not gained by trusting or choosing the - what you think - right tool, it starts and ends with knowledge and the relationship between community and developer. There is overwhelming examples that promises are worth nothing, see heartbleed, no one inspected the source code until someone actually did and look how insecure it is and this will always be the case because security promises are worth nothing until verified so far only handful of projects could hold that for long time of period and the game always, or often changes once there are platform updates which makes it less interesting for attackers to start over if there is no guarantee that previous exploit work or that you gain something out of it, i is more profitable to exploit servers with user data on it.

Most apps that not depend on Googles infrastructure are very quickly outdated, keyword - dead leftover apps - in the f-droid store and your example does not scale since you compare millions apps vs handful of f-droid apps usually coming already from privacy oriented people and not average developer who copy and paste their app together in the hope to make some money. F-Droid is not even a target because they have no paid app model, so its attractive or attackers to exploit apps since you find no credentials. Play Store is not perfect but offers reasonable compromise and security model if you do not tamper with your phone that break tose features.

All I wanted to say here, and no I do not use GrapheneOS and CalyxOS, I only teste then here and then. Since I think both devs scam their users to make cash out of it with questionable promises. I do not believe in opsec to begin with.

In real world the argument does not hold since your hardening becomes pointless once it eats all your battery which makes it unusable in the real world. Or your fav apps just do not work.

It was long crippled, and still is, until the developer made the roll backward and started to sandbox google services because he realized that crippling everything is not what people actually want on a daily basis. However, sandboxing is still slower and there is nothing to argue here, is consumes more CPU processing power which automatically reduces battery lifetime as well as pressures resources.

For me usability is crippled if apps crashing, do not work in the first place, so my argumentation is correct.

Because less apps are crippled + better performance + battery lifetime.

Then install CalyxOS as its more usable and faster than GrapehenOS.

You can also use it as pi-hole, there are several projects for this.

I think our suggestion depends on what you want to do or archive, actual use your phone as phone, or as pi-hole, or as emulator … There are so many projects and ideas.

From 2019, but I absolute backup such a decision. In general deepfake is highly controversial topic.

Unreal Engine 5 Editor running on Linux Wayland, with the Nvidia binary driver
![]( ![](

Arch Linux 2022.04.05 I already contacted 2 maintainers that we maybe finally get a proper changelog page.

lol … blocklist getting bigger and bigger…

ArcoLinux 22.04.02
- [Minimal]( - [XFCE Large]( - [XFCE Small](

Possible that your ISP decided to blacklist you.

  • Use VPN as test.
  • Use exactly same torrent settings, aka do not change anything.
  • Check if result is different, if so your ISP maybe blacklisted you or restricted ports etc.

Arch Linux 2022.04.01 Lemmy blocks the URL for whatever reasons ^ so I had to put it into the body.

You can answer here all you want and find excuses, I already won and you bring nothing on the table, waste is unresolved problem.

I’m not sure why you bring a tech company and space company into it, but no, I don’t like using videos as sources. They are good for explanations, which is why I linked the original one. There’s your teaser.

Please inform yourself, Microsoft is pro nuclear energy and has researchers and simulations with nuclear power planst. The article linked claiming nuclear saves more lives is written by one single NASA dude, the only reason it got some attention. So yes, they are worth mentioning because this is what people typically bring forward but I debunked them already, thorium as well as thorium molten salt reactors still produce waste and nuclear energy does not save more life as pollution is caused by coal and not by wind, water etc. and the NASA dude also forgot to mention that you cannot backtrack cancer or deaths related to nuclear energy as there is no technology directly connecting all deaths that might be caused by it over a long run, you only can get some basic statistics such as living near plant increases your chance of getting cancer. But who knows what other cancer is not caused by compromised ocean water or the fish we … or the japanese people eat.

They are good for explanations, which is why I linked the original one. There’s your teaser.

The author is again not a professional, he stitched other videos together claiming nuclear energy is secure, not outlining actual disasters and history as well as the waste problematic, which remains as of today unresolved.

Why thank you, you flatter me. But in all humbleness, I cannot take the credit for anything, not even claiming I solved it. I only plan to discuss existing solutions.

Solutions, lol, there exist none. Other reactor types need cooling as well as having waste problem, does not matter if its less waste, it will pile up over time which is the bottom line. And Uranium lasts 130 years but I already said I am optimistic, so make it 200 years, and then what. Even Microsoft solutions are depleted within 1000 years, as they admit themselves.

You cannot play cards with me when you have nothing in your hands, and this is why I declared myself the winner as there are no further argumentation possible.

You solve all problems, next Nobel price sure as hell will go to you. Glad you found a solution for waste problem, no one so far has a solution except storing it under our table but you genius will tell us all how it works.

Is your research a pro nuclear supporter video or based on actual science not paid off by Microsoft, NASA and other pro nuclear based people who work together with the industry… I am curious, please give us a teaser … Lesch among other scientists and Ph.D. people said there is no solution for waste, but apparently you have one.

Damn, you’re editing your comments in real time.

You answer in rt, so why not…

No one can argue with pro nuclear energy people because their ignorance is so grotesque.

Love to hear your counter argument about problem uranium running out in 130 years. Whops…

Please do show me your prize when you receive it.

Not everything needs a price as reward, its intellectual win and I am not even breaking the slightest sweat here since I know all pro and con arguments and the con arguments are much stronger on a global scale. 🙄

I blocked the community since I cannot take this video nor you serious, not after the comments here. Current technology and alternative reactors also suffer same problems, waste and this is when your road ends.

I can link english, russian or chinese sources, point is they have a Ph.D. and are experts and long in science with a huge background, more background then a video from a clown who stitches 1984 videos together, claiming oh look this is security right there. No actual scientist which is not paid by Microsoft or paid to promote nuclear energy will confirm or support such bullshit security claim because guess what no one can predict the future.

Ah no, you cannot shift the burden of proof onto me. I showed you the comments, but you insist he is getting “shit-talked” in the comments and deleting them all.

I did not said I insist, I said he deletes it. Just login, shit-talk him, see it gets deleted, besides it is irrelevant since top comments do not reflect all comments and supports sure will upvote their beloved product that the defend.

Also lol

they are stored in the open in the underground

Yes barrels are pretty much open stored in the underground and not in a reinforced train trashing against a test wall.

One earthquake and the waste directly leaks into earth, only protection is special floor and some metal enforced wall but how long does it hold against severe radioactivity. How long until first accident will happen on such a huge scale, will you downplay this too… I bet…

You lose, I win. That simple, because you have zero convincing arguments. None.

  • He deletes comments or comments are not approved or YT removes some shit-posts … I am just saying this for the reference. You screenshot is worth nothing as it does not show deleted or hidden ones. It even mention that this is not accurate and how could it be accurate if you have no clue what the next 100k will happen, no one knows. Once again you only show the parts benefiting your beliefs and not the entire picture.
  • When did he mention that uranium is limited resource that only holds for next 130 years… Well, endgame for you my friend.
  • Video has no sources.
  • No one in his right mind support or agrees with a video without sources and nothing behind, showing some fancy bullshit and not even mentioning disasters is credible how, right it is not. Microsoft, or Bill Gates also supports nuclear energy, this thorium molten salt reactor is his idea or should I say his researchers who tried to improve old tech, yet you find supporter on YouTube and people who dislike it, yet it changes nothing on the reality that this solves no waste problem at all. I also can screenshots parts that benefit my argument but in truth they all getting shit talked because we all know it is madness to store something for 1 million years under our table…
  • Video is not done by a professional and based on pure observation about irrelevant things, it does not mention 100k years storage problem at all. Showing a train that is surrounded by a cage that contains barrels is relevant how, the barrels are stored underground and not in a reinforced train. Claiming this is security is nonsense. He also not mentioned that we had export problems, which I linked already.
  • My point is that you waste your time here responding instead of outlining problems, which is the first and last thing you should do instead your entire bases is on a video that is irrelevant, when did he mentioned 100k storage problem, existing problems and upcoming unpredictable problems, right he does not mention it at all because you cannot mention it because no one can foresee the future which is the point, they were also thinking oh Fukushima is secure and look what happened. It is called hybris, when you think you know everything and can control everything but in reality you never can which is the bottom line that you and every single nuclear supporter will never understand, it is beyond your comprehension that humans simply cannot control nature or foresee everything. If there is an earthquake with wind energy, so what, the windmill gets destroy, you rebuild … and of story. If nuclear power plant has a problem it creates a world wide problem, see the difference here. I hope you do otherwise discussion is over.

The video does not sweep nuclear disasters under the rug. Once again, you seem to have failed to actually watched the video in question.

It does, it does not outline the 10 times mentioned issues, which are the real problems and not driving with a train against a wall. The possibility here that storage can be dangerous, and that it requires lots of maintenance and billions over the next decades are not even mention, in fact he mention oh the barrels are secure, how do you know that if there is no scientific proof … how you know how long a barrel hold that gets warm over time, then there are other variables. Who stored a barrel 1000+ years already and inspected it, I know no one. You cannot even simulate and predict 10k years in such a barrel because based on what data … there are no data …

You just linked a wikipedia article about handling nuclear waste that proves nothing. And none of those disasters were about nuclear waste. And seriously? “Almost accidents” are on the same level now?

The Fukushima problem is about waste, the cooling water which they use is waste, as a byproduct because you still need to cool it down even after the disaster, what they do with the contaminated water, they directly dump it back into the ocean. It is directly linked to already discusses problematic. The waste explosion is directly mentioned and linked.

29 September 1957: Kyshtym disaster: Nuclear waste storage tank explosion at the same Mayak plant, Russia. No immediate fatalities, though up to 200+ additional cancer deaths might have ensued from the radioactive contamination of the surrounding area; 270,000 people were exposed to dangerous radiation levels.

These are the top five comments, all in support. Forget watching the video, it seems you haven’t even followed the link lmao

Again this dude is pro nuclear supporter playing it directly down, check the title and check what nonsense he tells you in the video. Now please provide evidence that no comment getting deleted. So this is troll attempt from your end, comment something negative, then see how fast it gets deleted. That supporters supporting each other should be clear. No one in his right mind takes that dude and his nonsense video showing a train trashing against a wall serious, because this is not the problem, something you just ignore here once again downplaying everything. es he is. Claiming, oh its all secure, relax, no problem to store trash under our kids feed because nothing ever will happen, you know this is nonsense. We had incidents and the next are about to come and nuclear energy or waste or any byproducts are something that are hard to get rid of once unleashed.

And your quotes of the japanese prime minister are once again, irrelevant, as they are not about nuclear waste.

The statement proves that it will get downplayed, which happened and you apparently fail to understand the big picture. The cooling process, what they used to cool the reactor, or parts of it is a byproduct and waste since you cannot recycle it. Which falls under the category waste. The govt just put it back into the ocean, claiming it is not so dangerous and no one knows that because how would someone link cancer with fish, water etc and backtrack this to this disaster and the reproductions.

Here are the counter videos against nuclear energy outlining this is no end solution with sources and links and reference material in the comment section, Lesch is a known expert and does include research links and material.

What a surprise that anti nuclear top comments supporting him, isn’t it… Well it is not but he actually explains things in details based on actual scientific research. He outlines the danger and that nuclear energy is no solution for anything at all.

Here are some waste things you overlooked, I quote it just for you.

July 1979: Church Rock Uranium Mill Spill in New Mexico, USA, when United Nuclear Corporation’s uranium mill tailings disposal pond breached its dam. Over 1,000 tons of radioactive mill waste and millions of gallons of mine effluent flowed into the Puerco River, and contaminants traveled downstream.

1 February 2014: Designed to last ten thousand years, the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) site approximately 26 miles (42 km) east of Carlsbad, New Mexico, United States, had its first leak of airborne radioactive materials

Nothing mentioned in your … oh everything is nice and clean fancy video … because negative events are never mentioned in the big context, which clearly shows that this dude cannot taken serious.

Nothing there mention the negative history, not any danger or past incident. Just for reference. Downplaying … this is what it is, pretending is is secure, it is not.

I just cannot take you serious since your entire basis of defense is based on a video from a clown showing a train trashing into a wall claiming … oh look here its secure, forgetting to mentioned that the train is reinforced and that barrels are not stored in such a train, they are stored in the open in the underground and constantly need maintenance and money. Yes the raw barrel is stored there, in no fancy cage. You need to store them on a cold place because guess what it gets warm because of the radiation over time.

The hate nuclear power gets is so incredibly irrational. We’re in a middle of a climate catastrophe, and nuclear is the one practical option for replacing fossil fuels at scale that’s actually available to us.

The hate is caused because people downplay it like nothing every happened. Next disaster and more cancer is upcoming because misguided people claim it is secure. Sun energy, thermal earth energy is also at any time existent same like water which can be used at any time. Wind is a bonus but also an option, combining them is the best bet we have right now until fusion energy is fully working. Exploiting uranium until it is depleted is no solution at all.

Nuclear energy coasts much more on money, resources and misguided people actually believe it has a future, it has absolute none, the resources are soon running out and then you wasted trillion of dollars what every normal thinking would invest in alternatives. But this is something such people cannot comprehend.

Yes, precisely, we never downplayed disasters.

Not mention something or deliberately hiding it to avoid discussions is same as downplaying.

?? You just agreed with me.

If you cannot understand context you should not talk about nuclear energy at all. I said it is the opposite to what that YT dude claims, which was the context but thanks to quoting it so we entirely lose context now.

There is no safe way of handling nuclear waste, never will be, his videos are clearly debunked by Fukushima, Chernobyl, the almost accident in Ukraine and in 61.

In March 2012, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda acknowledged that the Japanese government shared the blame for the Fukushima disaster, saying that officials had been blinded by a false belief in the country’s “technological infallibility”, and were all too steeped in a “safety myth”.

Hybris and arrogance is what this is.

Glad that dude gets shit-talked in the comment section. Clowns like him should not be allowed to upload videos on YT, especially not on sensitive topics without providing any source at all for his nonsense.

Now show me a video storing waste for 1 million years under the earth … then you can claim it is secure… there are none … which is bottom line and your lesson here.

The Fukushima I nuclear accident was caused by a “beyond design basis event,” the tsunami and associated earthquakes were more powerful than the plant was designed to accommodate, …

Ultimate truth … you cannot and never will be predict all possible outcomes and you cannot plan nor build plants to be 100 percent secure.

I do not expressed any conclusion, I argued on the given example that is not even comparable to the danger of what nuclear energy comes with, we do not even started the topic here, there is the fact that this can be used with some effort to build bombs, that you need to store the waste over so many years that no one … really no one can comprehend this, then there will be climate based disaster, we will run out of uranium, there will be political changes and so many other factors that we have not even talked about and I have absolute no interest because this whole defending of a toxic system leads to nothing and no one can change my mind here.

  • There is no risk if you apply common sense. In nuclear energy case, you cannot escape or apply counter measures because they need to be constantly cooled which brings us to the point that you need to build them near water or water resources and if something goes wrong, like in Fukushima, stuff will leak one way or another into the ocean, lake or other water resources you prefer. This is not the case with renewable energies sources, you turn them off, they are off, that is it, they by itself posses no danger.
  • I talked about disasters and catastrophes and there are none with renewable, again you turn it off and it is off and no further damages will come to anyone. Claiming human error implies a disaster applies to everything and is not per-see a disaster. The water example here does not scale a single bit because most of the cases are from 19th. century, others killed no one and in lots of cases human error applied here, lack of maintenance etc. A nuclear power plant typically, due to its nature gets more maintenance, remove this part and put the maintenance into the damn and there will be no human error which causes problems assuming you applied common sense and evacuate all people around it even if it breaks. The keyword here is risk management and not hybris. There will be of course earthquakes and other unpredictable events and it will hit the next nuclear power plant and the next damn, but the risk here for a damn except that you need to rebuild it after it breaks is none existing. Again they still need to cool Fukushima and again the water for the cooling process still goes straight into the ocean. What you prefer, the nuclear BS or rebuilding a damn, I prefer last thing each time friend.
  • There is and there never will be any end solution for nuclear waste, this is the bottom line. Even newer generators still need cooling, still produce waste and still depend on resources that run for maximum 1000 years. There is nothing to debate here. NOTHING. I already linked the research in other threads and you can cry here all day, will not change and I already used very very optimistic numbers and rounded it up and not down. In is even more likely that we deplete resources much much faster in the next 200 years.

nuclear energy is one of the safest methods of power generation, with literally hundreds of times less deaths per energy unit compared to fossil fuels, which cause tens of millions of deaths through air pollution

This is compared against coal and not renewable energy sources. Water, like we talked about produces no air pollution compared to coal. We also did not talked about fossil fuels, the thing is uranium will run out in next 130 years.

Air pollution is in general a human created problem. Most pollution is created in and around bigger cities and industries, this is irrelevant to our discussion here as there is no scientific proof possible when car based pollution and coal based industrial pollution causes what exactly and how many people die since both mixes in the air.

in most cases, shutting down nuclear power plants causes deaths, not prevents them, because to some degree their power generation capacity is going to be replaced with fossil fuels, which are, again, orders of magnitude more deadly

I call BS, cancer statistic are rising since nuclear power plants, there lots of statistics that your chance to get cancer near power plant raises dramatically and and and. We are also not talking here about replacements or fossil fuels, we are talking about green energy. Earth heat for example, which constantly works and there is no limit, of course even the universe has limits but it does not run out in the next 100k years.

I said everything here I had to say and people downplay it, which I expected. Nothing people can bring forward is new to me and nothing will change my mind as some fundamental problems and threats that nuclear energy comes with can be solved and this is the reason I blocked the community, and I am out now here from the discussion, since I cannot extract any useful information that brings us any step forward. People tend to downplay it or find weaknesses in renewable, this is not what I am interested in. I am interested in showing that nuclear energy is not an end-solution and that is has huge dangers, which I did now and no one here claims that we have the perfect alternatives overnight. It is a team-play effort and I am shocked to see that people still supporting nuclear energy. I at least expected that we come to an common ground that nuclear based energy sources are not the answer and that we should go other ways, also to keep peace on earth and maybe even get rid of nuclear weapons but this is me - an idealistic fool, sadly people still think that nuclear is the way to go.

I call it madness and genocide.

Doing the same thing and expect different results - definition of craziness. - A. Einstein.

The Linux kernel does not use CVEs to identify security vulnerabilities for LTS Kernels.
This basically means that fixes for most security vulnerabilities are not be able to be back-ported to LTS kernels but on the other side around stable releases contain all security fixes made so far. In other words, use stable Kernels over LTS, whenever possible, assuming everything works for you and there are no specific circumstances such as working in an environment where you have no control over the Kernel - limited access etc.

Direct download - Full package to Linux as well as Windows Drivers and tools. Changelog New Hardware Support - Linux* support for Intel® Ethernet Network Adapter E810-C-Q2T New Software Support - Intel® Ethernet 800 Series devices now support user-mode RDMA in FreeBSD, through the libirdma provider library. - Support for Debian* 11. - Support for Red Hat* Enterprise Linux* (RHEL) 8.5 on all Intel® Ethernet devices. Hardware/Feature Support - End of support for the Microsoft Windows v1q driver. This driver will no longer be tested or updated. For your convenience, the driver may still be provided in your download package or on your install media. New Firmware Support - Added support for Intel PSM4 optical module. - Added ADQ rules results in allocating Recipes, which are limited resources that are shared across all PFs.

Added support for the following GPUs : - NVIDIA RTX A4000H - NVIDIA RTX A5500 ------------------- - Fixed a bug that could cause displays with HDMI or DisplayPort audio to be deselected as the default audio output device after resuming from suspend. - Fixed a regression that could cause OpenGL applications to hang or render incorrectly after suspend/resume cycles or VT-switches. - Fixed a bug, introduced in 495.29.05, that caused GPU "Model:" in /proc/driver/nvidia/gpus/<Bus:Device.Function>/information to be "Unknown" for some GPUs. - Fixed a bug that caused the nvidia-settings control panel to print spurious error messages. - Fixed a bug that could prevent nvidia-installer from detecting the scripts/sign-file kernel module signing tool when using separate kernel source and output directories. - Fixed a bug which prevented kernel modules linked from precompiled kernel interface object files from being loaded on recent Linux kernels. This affected custom packages which were prepared with nvidia-installer's --add-this-kernel option, for example. ------------------- - [Dev Forum Announce]( - [Readme]( - [Direct download](

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