lemmy.ml is being brigaded with anti-semitic posts
lemmy.ml is being brigaded with anti-semitic posts

They’re all sent by a handful of recently created accounts.

Should there be an admin approval system for first posts, or something similar to slow down such attempts?

Edit 2: The brigaders are coming from /pol/ as found by @gun@lemmy.ml

Edit 3: They’ve now been banned. Thank you mods.

urte bat

IMO Karma is a feature that just encouraged karma farming and selling accounts. As of now on Lemmy, there is no such incentive so if someone is going to troll it’s of their own accord. Every social media has this whether karma is there or not. All Karma does is alienate new users who would like to participate in the community they want, but they would just leave because they have to win enough internet points to talk about what they want.

I wouldn’t mind having to fill some security steps to make an account, but there’s no true way to stop people from being trolls.

I do see Karma helping to prevent someone from trolling straight away after getting banned, but ultimately they’re still going to troll if they’re that dedicated to it.

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