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Yeah. Especially on mobile it’s a bit inconvenient having to go through some hoops to eg. subscribe to some community on another instance.

I use Timeshift to automatically do system backups. For files I run an rsync script every few months, which makes a backup to an external hard drive (I couldn’t find a GUI program that does what I need).

Btw, is there a rate limit for reporting posts? It occasionally shows the error: “Couldn’t create report.” when reporting them.

lemmy.ml is being brigaded with anti-semitic posts
They're all sent by a handful of recently created accounts. Should there be an admin approval system for first posts, or something similar to slow down such attempts? Edit 2: The [brigaders are coming from /pol/](https://lemmy.ml/post/157485) as found by [@gun@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/u/gun) Edit 3: They've now been banned. Thank you mods.
lemmy.ml is being brigaded with anti-semitic posts

Oat pillows are also a nice way to warm/cool yourself. You can also rest your head on it without any worries of water leakage. Heat one in a microwave for 2 minutes, or put it in the freezer depending on whether you want it to warm or cool you.

Afaik It’s meant to replace JACK and Pulseaudio, and to provide a good API for screen recording/sharing.

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Hmm interesting. I’ve never heard that omitting the multiplication sign affects the order of operations. It could be that it’s taught differently in different places. I’d probably interpret a/bc as (a/b)*c, though I’d be a bit confused seeing it written without parentheses.

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Next to the brackets is number 2, so you have to multiply that first

Brackets come first, the order of operations for the division and multiplication is the same. The leftmost number takes precedence. You’re multiplying the two rightmost numbers.
= 6/23
= 3
= 9
No extra brackets are added

One thing that wasn’t mentioned in the post, but was mentioned in the comments is the directory picker from Windows 3.1 in the “odbc data sources” utility.
Windows 10:

Windows 3.1:

No problem.
You can sort the feed by “All” instead of “Subscribed”, which shows posts from all instances. The community list can also sort communities from all instances. You don’t need to go to the other instance’s site. You can view the posts for communities on other instances by clicking on them like you do with local ones.

Global list of instances: https://join-lemmy.org/instances
Instances linked to this instance: https://lemmy.ml/instances
List of communities: https://lemmy.ml/communities

You can load a post/community/etc. from a link to another instance by pasting the link in the search bar.

This document talks about the issue. As of now, it does leak metadata, as already mentioned by other users, but they’re working on fixing that. The pinecone overlay network is a step towards that. A further extension to protecting user metadata they’re planning on taking is routing the messages over TOR.