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I don’t like Discord, but it solves an issue for people that no one has solved as good as Discord has.

Discord is just a great all in one solution for everything a gamer would want and then just for communities in general. I don’t think Discord is gonna go anywhere until someone actually matches them in features and does it good.

Edit: and they have to make it where you can do all of those things without having to self host or pay for hosting.

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I truly doubt that they’ve never used it. I don’t know why anyone would believe any statements by organizations that are literally built to spy on us. Sadly some people do trust them mindlessly though.

I don’t think I’ve ever really did any dedicated reading since the Eragon series when I was still in school.

Just installed it, I like how it’s so snappy and lightweight

Ah, I don’t know much about their email but I know some basics.

If you don’t use your account it gets removed of course, you only get 1gb of space which is about equal to Protonmail Free. Neither of them includes IP address in headers.

It looks like in a direct comparison from what I can see not being a user, you get a bit more with Riseup than Protonmail’s free plan. But only by a little bit. You get free email filters and aren’t limited on them afaik. It’s also entirely nonprofit compared to Protonmail which is for profit if that matters to you. Sorry that I can’t give more info, I’ve never met someone who has a Riseup account or at least one that’s told me about it.

I’m not sure if they allow you to keep an account if you don’t use it for social change purposes.

Riseup provides online communication tools for people and groups working on liberatory social change. We are a project to create democratic alternatives and practice self-determination by controlling our own secure means of communications.

My old post deleted. struggling with the Lemmur app.

They’re good for hiding IP from websites and privacy from them, but they will absolutely turn you over on government order.

They don’t log IP addresses but they can be patriot acted into watching their network temporarily. But they have a canary so you can see when.

I use them for basic privacy, but they’re not the one to use if you need advanced privacy. They also don’t allow torrenting so keep that in mind.

Imo they’re one of the few good free VPNs but they sacrifice a lot of servers, speed, and US jurisdiction to do so. They rely entirely on donations.

Edit: They also have a mail service and accounts, but you can only join if you get invites from two different Riseup members, and they’re not allowed to give them to strangers.

tldr: Good for basic privacy, doesn’t sell info. Lacks features, servers, and doesn’t allow torrenting.

They’re good for hiding IP from websites and privacy from them, but they will absolutely turn you over on government order.

They don’t log IP addresses but they can be patriot acted into watching their network temporarily. But they have a canary so you can see when.

I use them for basic privacy, but they’re not the one to use if you need advanced privacy.

I still don’t know what wordle is but I know this is probably the fall of wordle.

I love having no karma system, and that the admins are actually real life humans with a soul instead of a soulless being only meant for giving out PR statements.

I like that the admins actually use the website that they admin, so they can also see issues on the user perspective. Plus it’s nice to just know a bit about them.

I like that it’s currently a bit small, so I can see some of the same users over and over again. It’s not random user number 4 million, it’s “hey, that’s thann, I’ve seen them around on a lot of posts”. etc

Any time I look at my old posts.

In all seriousness, for me it has to be when I saw that the Governor of Missouri is trying to get that journalist arrested that pressed F12 on a government site and saw that it revealed 100’s of thousands of workers Social Security numbers and he reported it to the website. The Missouri Governor is accusing him of hacking on the basis that he had to do “multiple steps” to get to the information.

Yeah. F12, click, click, social security numbers!

I am still seething.

Edit: Article (vice)

Edit 2: This is still an active legal situation for anyone wondering or wanting to offer support.

They’re not really that far off to be fair

Respect for discussing it, regardless of the outcome. Even if you end up going with allowing the mods to have free reign, I’m glad that it’s going to be discussed instead of turning a blind eye like Reddit does.

I’ve only ever seen posts from them that are mostly power abuse. They act like they’re better than anyone else and bans anyone who disagrees. They very much have an inferiority complex.

Edit: I came to lemmy to avoid people high on power, not have the cesspool of Reddit come to take over here as well.

If your browser blocks ads, but websites don’t see that it is, then that’s actually a good thing. As long as these features are actually working, then this is beneficial to keeping your fingerprint from becoming unique. It’s hard to have a non-unique fingerprint without the Tor browser.

In all of my browser usage, uBlock has never shown up as “Adblock enabled” on a fingerprint test for me. Maybe it takes steps to prevent being detected?

Yeah, this is incredibly infuriating. It’s small things like this that are pushing me to just get rid of my old reddit account.

I keep it around just to have it incase I want to talk a bit, but any time you’re not using the reddit mobile app they make it such an infuriating experience for absolutely no reason.

Imagine equating using software that doesn’t have much customizability compared to the alternative to moving to North Korea. Some people get way too into this stuff, at the end of the day it’s just what you’re using on a computer and doesn’t matter.

I absolutely love KDE Plasma, but I’ve recently moved to Gnome after jumping around a bit and trying both.

On desktop too, but I started using workspaces and that changed my gnome experience entirely. I love the customizability of KDE but the limited nature of Gnome makes me stop tinkering. I have ADHD so I get into the tinkering and just endlessly do it and never get anything done at all.

IMO Karma is a feature that just encouraged karma farming and selling accounts. As of now on Lemmy, there is no such incentive so if someone is going to troll it’s of their own accord. Every social media has this whether karma is there or not. All Karma does is alienate new users who would like to participate in the community they want, but they would just leave because they have to win enough internet points to talk about what they want.

I wouldn’t mind having to fill some security steps to make an account, but there’s no true way to stop people from being trolls.

I do see Karma helping to prevent someone from trolling straight away after getting banned, but ultimately they’re still going to troll if they’re that dedicated to it.

I use Ubuntu mostly, I just don’t like the snaps.