One of the biggest strengths of the fediverse (and free software) movements is how it brings people to collaborate and to spur that, we need spaces to organize. I see here and across the fediverse that people want to help out but don’t know how.

I’ve just started a set of Matrix rooms (with a bridged Discord server so that the chat platform doesn’t get in the way of people wanting to participate) where people can do the following:

  • strategize on how to best promote the fediverse
  • collaborate on their free-culture/federated projects and find people to help
  • promote their own fediverse content, find fediverse creators to follow, and offer feedback to others’

The video has been uploaded and the server is up. If you have any ideas, any ways you’d like to help, or just want to chat, join!

I really do believe this is gonna be crucial to pulling off our task. Real-time chat is more personal and live so it’s easier to collaborate and build a community.

If you’re interested, join here:

  • Sagar Acharya
    02 years ago

    Asking to drop their IG isn’t practical. IG posts earn them money. PixelFed posts don’t. We can ask them to post on both IG and PixelFed. Cross posting bot is good for those who allow to clone their posts in PixelFed. Anyone with many followers, not just hot women!

    Above solutions are still forced solutions. People aren’t naturally coming towards such platforms. Random ads aren’t problematic, targeted ones are!

    Root solution to this will come from creating earning opportunities on free software platforms. And earning opportunity can be created once atleast the hosts of these platforms are above survival conditions. We all know about feneas.

      12 years ago

      IG posts earn them money.

      One of us doesn’t understand IG and maybe its me, but i’m pretty sure if someone has less than 100 000 subscribers, they make ~0$ profit from ig.

      We all know about feneas.

      I only know a little about their mission and that they shutdown. I otherwise know nothing about them.

      Random ads aren’t problematic

      All ads are problematic, ex material has to be safe for brand.

      I think promoting foss is conceptually simpler than what you’re describing. All we have to do is get the network effect going and it’ll be unstoppable, even if everyone is earning 0$ from it.