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I’m waiting for it to be taken over by marvel fans. (!fedivangelism@lemmy.ml take note lol)

I suspect it's that they block all .ml instances. Fb also blocks lemmy.ml but not midwest.social Potentially a good reason to use other instances?

I’ll try that. Have another favorite keepass linux app?

I thought I was the only one with this opinion!

Target schools with discord/matrix
zuckerberg targeted individual schools to initially get fb rolling. Can we do the same? If you're in school, set up a discord for your school. Print out a few posters and put them around your school, whisper to classmates in zoom, tell your friends etc. Bridge the discord to matrix if the plan works. [Bridging is very easy and free.](https://www.t2host.io/discord/) Any other ideas to advertise a discord server in a school?

How did they end up on these platforms?

Because their friends/celebrities are on them. The network effect.

I guess my conclusion is that they need to be sold on the additional freedoms and benefits they get by using it, it being similar to use isn’t enough.

IMO we don’t have to sell them on benefits - it’s not like IG sold them on the benefits aside from network effect.


As someone who used to use cryptocurrency, almost nobody uses cryptocurrency.

Use = buying bread in a grocery store

I could never manage to make a dread account for some reason. The capcha wasn’t working i think?

Calling people normie is cringe OP, if you can’t use those apps go back to reddit.

Lemmy is not ready for wide spread mobile adoption yet
Lemmur doesn't allow lemmy.ml logins. It is also hard to tell if i'm posting in X sub vs Y, because the way it displays cross posts is difficult. I could not figure out how to mention users. I can't log in at all with jerboa. Mobile browser viewer of lemmy is slow compared to big tech. These will reduce normie adoption. In fact it made me turn more towards mastodon. I heard a statistic saying that people are more likely to use mobile over computer.

The text size was bigger until a recent update :(

overflow is advocating on purpose or accidentally for either libertaranism, or minarchy.

You shouldn’t have to - state expenditure should be covered by nationalising land and resources, and taxing wealth rather than work.

Basically using big business to fund public services?

Search function cannot specify which sublemmy to search
I select c/asklemmy and search my term and it returns results for all of lemmy.

Is your pfp CC0? I might want to use it on another site!

Link to the mastodon/lemmy etc in the description

Can you post the unedited results of the survey here? But remove people’s usernames

How do we (fediverse) get partnerships with IG/discord servers/etc?
A lot of youtubers have their own discord servers. I've seen 1 or 2 IGers with discord servers. We could try to get them to bridge to a matrix room? How do we go about this? For IGers, we could also try to say something like, 'put a link to a specific mastodon/pixelfed account that mirrors your content in your bio and i'll manually crosspost material to that pixelfed'. Other ideas? And how do we get them to reply?

What’s your opinion on people who use cryptocurrency?
Pretend you meet a random person and they tell you they use cryptocurrency. What's your opinion on that person based off that statement alone?

Anyone use keepassXC?
My keyboard shortcut button (ctrl + /) isn't working. Is this normal? I'm trying to zoom in to increase text size, but cannot figure it out since i can't open shortcuts. Can someone tell me the shortcut for zoom in and out?

An Ayn Rand (libertarianism) fan on Lemmy.ml? Srs question, do you find all the communists and left-anarchists here annoying?

Rule 2 suggestion
Not that this is that important, but it could be clarified to say: "Be respectful. Everyone should feel welcome here. Besides bigots." Given how offended people became over the "Lemmy.ml is an antifa instance post", that may be helpful

Finally someone else who understands private property (Lemmy.ml) can mostly set its own speech rules!

Would you be willing to pay more taxes for socialism?
I was told growing up that I won't like socialism once I have to start paying taxes. I pay taxes, but would much rather pay way more taxes to have socialism. Including paying for social programs I wouldn't use like welfare, free tuition etc. Once I qualified for work pharmacare that was great! But I remember how much it sucked not having any health insurance. Yeah I bootstrapped it, but I'd hope we would grow up as a species and not have to have so much bootstrapping, since there are better ways at this point.

Give me reasons why I should NOT use a mastodon to twitter crossposter
https://crossposter.masto.donte.com.br/ : “Any toot bigger than 280 characters will be posted with a link to the original toot.” too bad this only happens for over 280 characters! This will help grow the fediverse, assuming enough of my toots are over 280 characters

Tutanota supports ukraine
Dear Privacy Fan, The Russian invasion in Ukraine is an attack on a free, democratic country. We stand with the people in the Ukraine and are donating 25% of revenue from new subscriptions in February and March to humanitarian aid in Ukraine. Spread the word about our initiative and upgrade your account now! As the war in Ukraine relentlessly gathers pace and has already reached large parts of the country, many civilians are trying to get to safety. More than half a million people have already fled to neighboring Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. Many have been on the road for several days, traveled across the country and then had to stand for hours in front of the clogged border, often without food, in the cold. At the border, families need to separate from husbands, fathers and sons as only women, children and old people are allowed to leave the country. The need for humanitarian aid is multiplying and increasing by the hour, says UNICEF. In these dark times, we are thankful that we can support humanitarian aid in Ukraine with your help! Thank you, your Tutanota Team

What automatic crossposters exist?
https://crossposter.masto.donte.com.br/ cross posts from mastodon to twitter or vice versa (i've never used it). Does this one work well? Especially important is that the crossposted content says 'posted on mastodon link-here.com', which would help drive people to the fediverse. What other crossposters exist? Ex lemmy-reddit. Or anything-facebook. https://crossposter.masto.donte.com.br/ i: "Any toot bigger than 280 characters will be posted with a link to the original toot." too bad this only happens for over 280 characters!

Dating on the fediverse: Alovoa - Meet fellow foss fans!
Hey, you! You, reading this post! Are you a foss enthusiastic gay man? Do you have any foss enthusiastic gay men friends? There is a foss tinder clone where you can meet other foss enthusiastic men! Pros: foss enthusiasts are more likely than average to have a stem degree, so gold digging opportunities lads! Cons: if you're into women This post is a meme, but Alovoa and my enthusiasm is real.

Which fediverse platform is it easiest to get irl friends to follow you on?
Tech normie friends who've either never heard of discord or heard of it once. They don't know who pewdiepie is. They use facebook, instagram, snapchat or tiktok. I think marketing the fediverse to druggie friends might be easier since a lot of those friends use signal. I think if i posted enough banger content, I might be able to get like 1 friend to jump ship.

If PeerTube isn’t working, the video is also hosted on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyjdzkZZOHk

I think this is a pretty good approach since peertube is spotty sometimes

Favorite podcast / mostly-audio-uploader?
Describe what the podcast is about. Not music streamers.

Do you think adblockers are piracy? Why?
I want to hear your thoughts

The NFT ‘movement’ is kinda the opposite of the foss ‘movement’ right?
They seem to be fundamentally at odds, or i don't understand something

some Mastodon instances which already exist targeting that demo. All you’d really have to do then is advertise those instances.

Thats my plan! :) If anyone comes across a mastodon instance like this, some one inform me.

Is the furry community big on any fediverse project?
A lot of fediverse projects have serious furry vibes, but I haven't bumped into many. Marketing potential?

Super Smash FOSS
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/92204 > An open source, smash style fighting game, it could use mascots from foss projects (just like [SuperTuxKart](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/SuperTuxKart) do). > > Since there are some SSB knockoffs being released ([All-Star](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nickelodeon_All-Star_Brawl), [MultiVersus](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/MultiVersus)), why not make one that is actually good? I think it would be pretty cool :)

Gaming on linux has a matrix space
#gamingonlinux-space:matrix.org This could be added to the sidebar to replace the pre existing matrix link


In December 2014, a judge in Spain partially justified prolonging the detention of seven alleged anarchist activists by citing their use of “extreme security measures” such as Riseup email, the judge’s act has been criticized by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).[17][18]

List methods to bypass youtube age restriction
Youtube will try to force a sign in otherwise which is bad for privacy. invidious can't do it sometimes. replacing 'https://www.youtube.com' with these sometimes work: https://yt.zoopid.com nsfwyoutube.com youtubensfw.com https://hooktube.com

There is a built in matrix widget that is called ~‘RSS feed’

The RSS link needed is: https://lemmy.ml/feeds/c/fedivangelism.xml?sort=Active

In the matrix room, you have mod/admin permission to set it up it looks like.

If you need more help setting it up, let me know!

I editted it on lemmy.ml a while ago, but i guess edits don’t federate? @dessalines@lemmy.ml


Perthchat.org had a brainstorming session for how to promote themselves. We can use some of these ideas.
Perthchat.org had a brainstorming session for how to promote themselves. We can use some of these ideas.


go to 7m50s, this fascist was very active online and was 15. One of his compatriots was 12 iirc. One or both of them were trying to buy weapons iirc. Which is why i think it’s a lone wolf terrorist 15 year old

I bet it’s a spammer singular

not much of a history buff myself

there was this whole ‘stolen generation’ event here where we were like kidnapping their children and trying to breed them with white people, it was dark

I posted this on the perthchat [matrix] and got:

To put it bluntly Genocide

We're still digging up unmarked graves of Indigenous children

So I would be very wary of the statistic about how the majority died

In fact, that is not something I was ever taught, the smallpox reasoning

Sounds like a handwashing exercise

Can we set up a RSS bot in our matrix to cross post content from here into our matrix?
Similarly, any matrix convos that are worthy of being made into a microblog/blog post could be manually posted to this sublemmy. This should help keep the fedivangelism discord+matrix communities informed about the lemmy community's developments and vice-versa

IG posts earn them money.

One of us doesn’t understand IG and maybe its me, but i’m pretty sure if someone has less than 100 000 subscribers, they make ~0$ profit from ig.

We all know about feneas.

I only know a little about their mission and that they shutdown. I otherwise know nothing about them.

Random ads aren’t problematic

All ads are problematic, ex material has to be safe for brand.

I think promoting foss is conceptually simpler than what you’re describing. All we have to do is get the network effect going and it’ll be unstoppable, even if everyone is earning 0$ from it.

Jitsi/video call meetings could be an asset. I’ve attended other volunteer meetings and some of them, like office meetings, are a waste of time that would be better served through text. Esp bc video calls requires interested parties to be online at the same time.

We need better incentives. Like money from ads, hot influencers, dinners with actors, 30 mins online chat opportunities with say someone like Luke Smith or so on!

Great ideas! I think pixelfed and/or mastodon will get way more traction if we can come up with way to incentivize hot women in particular to drop their IG and replace it with pixelfed. Or at least set up a cross posting bot for kim kardashin.

Heap Overflow - A place to ask programming questions and share free resources [New Instance]
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/156117 > A federated and freedom-preserving alternative to stackoverflow! > >

I’ve noticed most exclusively internet activist group don’t get anything done. Having proper roles/structure, which would make this more like an occupation, might help achieve results.
A good thing about much internet activism is ease of participation (slacktivism). Slacktivism can only go so far. As a similar example, this sub has 89 lemmy.ml subscribers, but most users have never commented or posted anything. We can keep the lurkers/slacktivists, but it might benefit the 'core team' to have proper roles? I'm not entirely sure what the roles would be, but it has never been a problem at work to get workers to participate in the bosses schemes. Obviously a $$$ profit motive would be somewhat beneficial, but i'm sure there are volunteer mostly electronic organizations that do better work than pseudoanonymous internet groups. But when i've been in vaguely similar internet activists groups like this, we're lucky if even 2 people/89 subscribers message the mods of a subreddit about a matrix bridge.

Golden opportunity to reach out to the r/antiwork competitors and see if they want to partner with a matrix room/discord/telegram/lemmy etc
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/161512 > [R/antiwork was and is very hostile](https://lemmy.ml/post/157590) to some of us and power sharing. If a competitor sub becomes a major player, it would be good if some of us have a good position there. This is useful for foss promotion, and making sure comrades aren't being banned from a new r/antiwork. > > Edit: how many of us called it that r/antiwork needed to have proper backups across other platforms > > Competitors: > > * r/antiwork2 - soft partnership with c/antiwork, you can cross post lemmy content to r/antiwork2 > > * r/WorkReform > > * r/WorkersStrikeBack > > * r/MayDayStrike > > * r/workersrightsmovement > > * The-sub-you-know-of-that-I-do-not-goes-here

Federation has potential in a VR-chat-esque game.
from https://lemmy.ml/post/152757/comment/110790

What are you fav subs that are NOT on lemmy.ml? Would anyone else prefer more subs on other instances too?
Ex on lemmygrad, lemmy.ca, feddit.de. Lemmy.ml has so much more content, it's kinda centralizing. Same problem matrix.org has too.
What are you fav subs that are NOT on lemmy.ml? Would anyone else prefer more subs on other instances too?