Was having a conversation with a mod who was upset that I downvoted their opinion. Apparently if you disagree, you are banned. Looking at you @CHEFKOCH@lemmy.ml. I wouldn’t consider anything I did trolling or a violation of the rules of c/scandalzilla.

Here is the post if anyone wants to validate: https://lemmy.ml/post/163594

  • mekhos
    32 years ago

    Even though I have a similar ban currently - Lets be really careful not to pile up like a bunch of haters Use the voting buttons and and disengage from fighting where possible or we spiral to the bottom like Reddit.

    • JesseOP
      82 years ago

      Yeah I agree that it’s starting to get a little pitchforky, but mostly, people are just sharing similar experiences with the mod - which is good, because a shared dialogue about a series of bad behavior helps to inform the community. As for using the voting buttons, that’s all well and good, yeah. Always vote.

    • @Thann@lemmy.ml
      2 years ago

      Yeah, I don’t downvote people because I disagree, only if they’re not contributing to the conversation and debasing it.

      I’m planning on making a debate instance, and I’m pretty sure I want to disable downvotes for that 🤔